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Tonight special edition of jerseys opening lines coming up at ten o'clock to hook you up with tickets to see don jamieson joe bob awards me reforming the lights down firehouse on may two fifty proceeds are benefiting huey ball which is by son's flag football team emmy award winning don jamieson he the bet metal show the ny beer money we'll talk about that later on some of the other things going to talk about this is an incredible story about a union city teacher who could be deported and face hanging when he gets to his former country we'll talk about that but right now they're getting ready to vote in jackson and what they're voting on is whether or not to fund the program that would arm nineteen security guards they talking about hiring six more they've got to armed police officers and they would raise the total of armed security guards to nineteen in the city to take in the city in jackson to take care of the schools the scheduled the vote tonight the board will discuss the proposal at the fine arts center and what they're doing is they're going to take these are gonna hire these acuity guards they're going to train them on guns and you're gonna put him out and teach them how to i i'm sorry they're going to hire the security guard's going to arm them and then they're going to train him how to handle school shootings how do you feel about that morning.

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