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I've been a beautiful so we're twenty dollars off your buffy comforter. You can visit Buffy Dot C._o.. And Enter bt C. H.. Again go to Buffy Dot C._O.. And Enter B._T._c. h twenty bucks off Ooh you can also try it for free and then return if you don't like don't return it but don't you're gonNA love it. Yeah and we're back Gina. Sorry Shit. No Dude Okay so you're invited over to his guys house right. He was fine like I'm the one who approached him actually actually because I was waitressing at a bar and I I like to call them and people I just do hit on you right but I told them like dude. You're you're good looking like. I don't WanNa hit on you but you're good looking then one thing led to another we ended up looking up <hes> so I went over to his house and it was a nice house house like it was nice but I think he got it in his mind that women like a long sex because it was like Oh yeah I'm GonNa fuck you to the break of dawn and then like a like an hour later. I'm just sitting there like it's because they watch Horn Horn Ornstein. Yeah I want twenty minutes or less yeah. All I need and I like watching you comes. If I don't get to see you come do we ended up not even finishing both of us what yeah because there was like look man went too long. It's going to long they actually that is one of the issues with <hes> porn addiction to like. You just can't finish Oh. I knew I knew this guy that he was addicted to Hen tie and so a goals like he was addicted to hand tie <hes> and so like his girl would have to like basically make weird noises and then like it was like it's the weirdest thing that's such a bummer. Can you imagine a woman like feeling like you're not sexy but it's it's not you. It's just so you WANNA xenical. There's this one time I was okay so the same guy that suck on my toes look man. He's up to my toes. I didn't want to ruin the moment so I just let him go with it just rocket whatever and then like signed the Pleasure Leisure and that tells it was either but I'm like massage so we like the sex was great by the way like the sex was great and then like halfway through he's like wait. I WANNA use something I'm like okay cool and then he goes through his door. He pulls out a Dildo now for like a split second I was like is this going into. Who's WHO's going into? I don't know who's right now okay but it was for me and that was the first time ever used the dildo before and that was dope really like five five years later I'm hanging out with my girlfriends in Taiwan rarely travelling and shit and then we got to know realize that we knew the same guy and then she was like oh I hooked up with him and I was like me too and then he did this thing she goes to do. They'll do it. Was it the same deal. I'm like pink. Hopefully he washes though maybe that's not washing. I made him clean it out and then we just started Boston out laughing. I was like you. We're all all my sisters. Can I think the fantasy of always wanted but I've never been able to do yes so we can do an entire episode. Fans Shave Palmos gave you guys like Oh like worse date story but like I was like that's a whole nother episode. We're saving your story actually reminded me of the same case the BUBBA I just had to cancel sex immediately it was going down on me and before going down on me he goes Oh my God.

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