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The stories of all the california food hubs that the trouble that farmers are having just having access to land in how that all living raise prices the food is well in those indistinct like all these people now they're all kind of spilling over here so that's happening here as well so as much as we can do to help farmers have you know the resources the the thing need to be able to be on land and have like some community ownership or farm ownership of land is really important to in yeah i think just having something like a kinda like regenerative agriculture where our models can renew itself and hope better the community around it by having access for people to food and for farmers to a market and as far as the suit hub goes we're not quite quite sure it's been up in the air for a long time as you know should it be separate business owned by the food co off and after seeing feed sonoma's really inspired by him in what what they're doing they're they're working towards a farmer employee owned food hub that they can promote community ownership of their bodies it might go bye bye heavy microbiome of bio region bayerische yeah i in yeah the i think that's that's what i'm gonna probably put on the table for as as the food hub goes i think it'll be really powerful it is owned and has voice of the farmers have insight into how it works and why you know we're prices need to be and things like that in quality and packaging and packing i'd say needs to be thinking will it'll really get a lot more oath left behind it if the farmers are more involved with it yeah and i think one of the things i've seen with the farmer cooperative hugs is that that having that heaven the hub you know vested interest in the hot work is held the hub itself is of business if it also seems to really help the farmer suppliers right that and i've seen the farms grow because the hub was there right so so that is kind of marginally profitable entity because they're very difficult to make anything better than that out of them but neck doesn't matter if the farm if it's owned by the farmers in their own farms growing you know what i mean that's kind of the benefits it sent here definitely messes kind of what we need to show people's like some of the older farms here they really on board with us but i'm like us nearly seventies right now i figure this out but they're in this is the first this past year that we seen the food had dropped is buying more food for the other businesses combined than our store and that's the first all time person ever happened with really making an impact in the some of the firms are really appreciative in noticing that in really wanting to work with us in see this work in so i and then there's some other new you know newer farms that are like okay we're going to do say in markets and and all these things and so it's just a matter of what works best for them and then as they mature as farms in organizations to up to route late i mean you can only scale so much direct marketing right so it's it's kind of a different beast right so it's kinda like the.

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