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Also a part of our family made stops in Menomonee falls whitefish bay Belgium and many more around Wisconsin next door at lakefront brewery this should be fun the Milwaukee landmark it's been around for more than thirty years we get started at three o'clock this Friday more information or to see a full map of where we've been and where we're headed go to W. T. M. J. dot com Hey John we're here here you know I really think it's important to support things locally go to local restaurants I shop local whenever I can write in local downtowns I go back to organizations that support Wisconsin residents go stars and stripes on our flight and I root for our teams you know what else I think with Wisconsin's bank it's town bank part of the wind trust community bank family you know what they also feels important town bank to keep things local big banks are base three states away the one I left isn't even in this country anymore not town bank on the town bank calls Wisconsin home that means decisions about banking solutions services and loans they're made right here in poison senior leaders live and work here and your money stays right here going back into the things that are important to you town bank please and being active in Wisconsin they host free events they provide local sponsorships they give back to organizations and improve our area town bank is a bank that cares that matters to me I'm proud to bring it home to town bank for more information visit town bank dot U. S. member FDIC equal housing lender any muster family is proud to announce the arrival of our new addition what's his team Warner congratulations how big is the sixty five inches long well this Edward anyway we're talking about the Warner bedroom collection any mustard it looks like rustic barn wood with iron details chest looks like a sliding barn door with lots of shelf space and look at all that had board yeah he gets that from me the Warner bedroom starting at just fifty two twenty four and paymaster show rooms in Milwaukee and Chicago dot com I think is sponsored by C. B. D. American shaman the American summit harness the power of nanotechnology and find relief in the caring hands of C. B. D. American shaman U. S. template already approved two seven seven CDW TMJ bill I've only had a twelve management studio this is news radio WTMJ four fifty traffic and weather.

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