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Let's see aboard to their satellite uh radius ishii see now they have a catalogue like get behind type nick from williamstown jersey they covered video kills the radio star o nature i could see that he could cover other thinking about buying a scorpion as a pet two species are most interested in our the emperor scorpion and the asian forest scorpion as species grow very large over eight inches and heavy relatively mild amount of venom the thing is i am terrified of scorpions what the fuck however i also find them absolutely fascinating i'd love to feed one spiders i catch around the house and scare the crap out of my friends with it that do it does anyone on the giant bomb crew have a pet scorpion known anyone ever keep one is a pet or are they to scary no has anyone ever been stung by one no if so how much did it hurt and were there any lingering effects allatson a ton i don't like talk about it but i have like three score if you don't like scorpions why would you my mom is had scorpions that like really move by accident though i don't think she was looking for scorpion bikaner just one came her way and she hung onto it what what do do this just ranch was the stuff who to get a scorpion tone just don't do it spelly especially a big one allen a lizard i like looking at scorpions they freak me they're not they're they're not pleasant if you want an animal that is going to sit in a little glass box that you can't really play with get a lizard.

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