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Well, David Limbaugh. Thank you for coming. I really appreciate it. Thanks for having me. So for folks who don't know. And this means nobody knows because I haven't told the story before the way that I got started in political commentary was at least partially due to David Limbaugh who I met for the first time in person today. So we have been talking and corresponding fort legitimately seventeen years. And this is the first time we've ever met in person, actually. So the way that this started is I was writing a column for the UCLA paper, I applied to creators syndicate, which was yours indicator for your column, and I applied cold, and they picked me up, and then I had to get blurbs for the columns who could send it off various newspapers. And I emailed you out of the blue and just some random kid, and I was like can you give me a blurb for my column you kindly said sure. And then he said and also if you decide to write a book on college campuses than I would be happy to be the agent for it. And I thought okay. Well. Then I should probably go ahead and do that. And then I wrote brainwashed. So we've been friends for seventeen years now. And it's pretty amazing. It took us this long to actually meet in verses? I don't mean to put you on the spot. But tell us the story of how we met. That's a more specific than I remember. But that's exactly right. And I don't remember actually engaging in solicitation for your legal business. But, but I, but I did I did want to encourage you to write amazing prodigy. And and what has always amazed me too about you is that. You didn't take off in an explosive way. Until maybe what the last year or two five years maybe last five five years. Yeah. Maybe the Piers Morgan thing was the carry exactly the twenty three. Yeah. That's how fast time goes. But I've always having. I always told you that it's going to happen many time. And so it's gratifying I loved and I don't take any credit for it at all. But I just love having been present. As this thing, they should take some credit for because David was one of the people who when I felt like crying because I wasn't actually progressing at the speed at which I was hoping to David. You're always one of the people who who is telling me that stick with it. Everything's gonna be okay. People will eventually come around, and our mutual friend and Coulter wanted to get you on the screen court. I had a different path thirty. Okay. So let's talk about ways that the church and synagogue have have screwed up because if you look at religious observation in the country it's been markedly declining since the nineteen fifties. The number of people who are affiliated with an official religion. Is is much lower now than it used to be people say that they are spiritual but not religious, which is the most empty phrase that I can possibly think of influence. It's like you get to you get to say that you believe in God without actually having to do anything about. But it seems to me that there are three problems three various approaches that have been taken all have which have have the problems approach number one is the approach that you mentioned, which is the let's have pizza and a guitar and come to church for the pizza and Qatar, and we won't talk politics at all we will never threaten anything that you think about life. This seems to me the direction which a lot of churches have gone thinking. This is going to draw on young people young people don't want that young people want eternal values..

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