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Okay and would if you scratch. Do you think that juicy you being a performer yourself. It's easy to find those character voices regardless of whether they're male or female. Yeah it does. It does help. It does happen down simply having I if you if you like acting U. L. Think getting a sense of an audience is very important. Getting a sense of what audiences lied to here. I think So that does how in terms of like Bernie counter like giving them things to say but also I think Mariachi style. There's always being on us to get off on the teachers for this. Who has always been very conversational? I kind of I was always written. I've spoken and that is actually very useful school to learn even even learned my job as they wanted sort of things that that sounded a bit more sophisticated when I was almost using My tie today conversational language. What's being one of the most difficult things about writing about historical moment? Well there's a there's when you watch about historic hotel those always a kind of a I don you want to make. It seem as to as possible but you always have to make sure cents a tiny and sometimes I mean real. Life is a bit messy unlike the world of plays and fate and and and movies nomenclature movies. There's a beginning middle and an end in real life. Things don't work out not smoothie you know things Things there isn't always a moment of realization for people in real life and so to put events that happened in real life onto a state. You got to almost manufacturer and sort of a and and make the world thick the story so you have to bend to a little bit Two I you know. I think it's a it's a dilemma. All playwrights have You know being fat to people that I'm talking about Am I being fair to the story? I'm telling a good enough story by making it. One hundred percent through now most of the stuff in the play he's is true and it happened that their offerings because the the people in the story. I've kind of been forgotten a bit by history. Right huge gaps in our knowledge and you have to fill those in I know so. There's something about reading about people in the past where people don't always feel real. I think this is kind of like we feel detached by them and and you have to kind of a mansion. What the you know. You have to imagine what they were thinking. You have to put yourself in the shoes more than you would normally do his way just wanting dates and and You know talking about facts you need to to show what people fouled I think you mentioned Switzerland. Different mindset than than you would do if you're studying history in games. Euro sportsmen have no business with politics no politics with sport. What is an artist business in today's world where I'm F- for an office so I think We've all made your choice not to and the commitment to our. I think if we wanted to make money this very I people doing He don't make a lot of money but they want to make the world a better place and so for me personally I want somebody better place for my kids. I'll go to two small children and it's no coincidence that I started writing plays when I had my kids because I saw I I as a as a guy in his fifties I kind of wanted to make the world better for them for when they they have been and I think there's a there's a mole G. T. Do though I'm just want to talk a little bit about your creative process before coming back to the actual play and games. What process do you go through when you're running a new work do you map out the whole plot before writing a word orbits? Come to you along the way there's a mixture of both actually normally when I'm writing. I have an idea of when start writing until I know what the thing is. I want to write about if I wanted to say I think facism is bad. I'll stop that. I'll have an idea of roughly what the point is how account to admitting that you know. Have a rice. The county to having learned that they've made mistakes. I'm by the end. They've they've changed. That will will viewpoint become much fatter more humanitarian.

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