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Of psalm. I saw the pentagon no not this one but anyways the pentagon confirmed again another video. That just came out here ago. Pentagon ufo video so department defense department confirms league video of unidentified unidentified aerial phenomena is real. And it's like these these flying pyramids bro fucking just going like stargate who Who who owns those shuki. I feel like there's a specific race of being. And i would love to know like in me and my buddy actually at work. We're just talking about this to go like to know too. We're waiting for this to come out and then finally to leak or just release in general but the thing is for all the people listening and if something happens where you f. o. Show up out of nowhere and you see a fleet of ufo or one massive mothership or whatever you go. I'd freak out too. We also be skeptical because of shows like the and everything. If you've never watched v. a. Was in the eighties where they redid it in two thousand ten and it's about a group of being showing up that look human and they end up being reptilian and the guy that played freddy krueger robert england actually starting the original v. My dad used to fuck and watch this shit and is literally based on whether shape up till the you see on the page. That person the strange who podcast page where it's like the guidance face splits and there's like a reptile inside of it. That's from that show. So my whole thing is that there is a possibility not even that side of using technology and chemtrails to create images in the sky to make you think showed up so even if they some happens round mc well. I can see that. I'm still going to be skeptical. Which is fucked. because like. I'm so i believe that they're here in but it'd be that obvious they show up. It's going to be a lot more apparent than what the government thinks is going to happen. So the second coming of jesus. Yeah yeah They're also doing also without shit where there's that theory. What fucking get into episode. But like how they're gonna they're gonna take like the theory of Maybe we'll talk about six loubier. That's what was going to say about. We'll talk about. Some strange wants is that they're gonna take like buddha. And jesus and fucking muhammed and all these people have different and they're gonna fucking more from together into one one. Everyone will see. So barack obama saying that. Primary evidence of the woodcut from sixteen. Seventy eight woodcut actually illustrates. What in folklore is called a mowing devil. Legend in which english farmer told a worker with whom he'd been feuding with he would rather pay the devil himself to cut his own field. Then pay the fee demand. So essentially the they're saying all could be faked and this guy's i'd rather pay the devil than and then fuck up my crops. The the popular theory back then with crop circles was that it was the work of satan. Of course it's like no and shit. Yeah does cutting away at his corn might gad dams back then they always just how in the in the dark ages. They literally took religion to such burn people alive. Because i'd go back in Friday guys listen. Listen to the mass hysteria episode that we covered strange podcasts. Because we'd like dive. Deep in that shit about the mass hysteria..

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