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The wrong people. Can do the collateral damage that can be created, the White House says. In part married trumps book quote is clearly in the author's own financial self interest. You're listening to ABC News. And I heart radio Station News, 93.1 Kfbk. Good afternoon. It's 12 o'clock Bob Williams with your latest stories, California's positive Corona virus cases have surged past previous daily highs with over 10,000 cases in a single day. Tuesday's data shows 10,532 new cases of covered 19 in the state, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The previous record for the day with the highest number of new cases with last Thursday at 9870 cases statewide. There are now over 346,000 confirmed cases of covered 19 Your state Congressman Doug Lem, often not happy with one size fits all approach to being employed by Governor Newsome. Kfbk is Mike Baka has reaction. LEM office says the governor's action is not faired amore rural cities and towns in which the governor would listen to the locals. Here, listen or supervised and see how we can weaken play. The cards carefully wanted to time. And if there's a flare up, we'll go back. Will you look at a couple steps? Butte County has seen 210 new cases of the virus in the last 11 days, and officials say the county is teetering on the brink of being put on the state's watch list. Mike Baka News, 93.1 CALF Thomas Unified School District is delaying the start of the upcoming school year to work on its Corona virus safety protocols. The district says it will delay the start of the school year by two weeks. Students will begin classes on August 27th. District officials say they will use the time to implement more health and safety guidelines as covered 19 cases. Continue to surge throughout the state traffic and weather together. Now here's Brian Nobles. This report is brought to you by Mercedes Benz of Stockton. Pretty quiet on the freeways around Sacramento. I do have one thing going on out on County Road, a little north of Davis, about halfway between Davis and Woodland County Road.

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