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Pledge arena on September 28th Tickets go on sale to the public may 6th That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news radio There's more trouble for North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn Mitch Evans reports Western Carolina's 11th district representative was cited Tuesday morning for having a loaded gun at Charlotte Douglas international airport law enforcement there confirmed that the freshman congressman had a firearm at his baggage while he was being screened by TSA officials at a security checkpoint this past February TSA agents at Asheville regional airport found a handgun Cawthorn's carry on bag but he did not face any criminal charges for that incident Ain Mitch Evans Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is not giving a ringing endorsement to veteran California Democrat dianne Feinstein A reporter asked humor if he has full confidence and Feinstein's ability to continue serving They have not I've had a good number of discussions with senator Feinstein but I'm keeping them to myself The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on concerns raised by some unnamed Senate Democrats about Feinstein's mental fitness Feinstein turned 89 in June One of the most prestigious universities in the nation is creating a legacy fund to address its past entanglements with slavery Lisa Taylor reports Harvard's president announced the school is dedicating $100 million to this fund as well as redressing the university's history with slavery through teaching research and service A report titled Harvard and the legacy of slavery says the university benefited from slavery for nearly 150 years enslaving more than 70 people This comes as universities across the nation address their historical complicity with slavery I'm Lisa Taylor Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center In Seattle tonight looking at a collision on 15th.

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