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Is the phone number your calls your text, You can find me on Facebook. It's man's, you know, on Katie K. I want to give you an opportunity to be able to call in and talk about what we've been discussing. So far. This issue of Leadership that we have a complete void of Within the Republican Party. Leadership that will tell people what they don't necessarily want to hear. Even though it's true. There are some that are willing to do that. Mitt Romney. Is one that's willing to do that. And SAS. Another senator willing to do that? That to me. Willing to do that. Even Lindsey Graham finally came around to admitting that everything he's been doing for the past. Two months and defending the president and even a part of that phone call to, uh, officials in Georgia about the 11,000 plus votes that the president was wanted to find. It's finally had enough is enough. You know why enough was enough because they thought they could control Everything they thought everybody was just going toe have rhetoric. That's all. It was just going to be talk. Nobody would really respond physically. It was just I'll say something outlandish, and then you say something outlandish, and then we'll get more people to make more donations and think about it. I mean the amount of money that Trump was able to raise in this legal defense fund. Hundreds of Millions of dollars. Ted Cruz even went so far as to try to piggyback on the race and Georgia to make himself money on this. It wasn't worried about getting money into the hands of those who would hold Senate seats and Georgia He saw the political opportunity. Oh, my goodness. I can run ads on social media and Georgia and get money into my coffers. This is what they were thinking about. They were posturing themselves. They saw that Trump was able to tap into a base with loyalty that they've never experienced before, and they wanted it for themselves. They saw that Trump lost the election. They knew that Trump lost the election. They knew that there wasn't fraud on the scale that would overturn any state, let alone all the states that would have been necessary. They knew But they got power hungry. They saw that basin. They want it for themselves. They saw how willing and how devoted these people were that they were not going to go anywhere. And they thought we know what if I can show myself to be a great supporter of Trump. Maybe they'll transfer all that love back to me, and they'll give me that money and they'll vote for me in those numbers, and then I can be the come the next president like a Lindsey Graham or a Ted Cruz or even this Holly guy. Then you had members of Congress that we're thinking they could be a U. S. Senator someday. They could parlay this. They'll go ahead and toy and play with these people. Know that they were deceiving Trump supporters. They knew what they were doing. Think Irish and told her nose What he was doing. Congressman Kelly knew What he was has been doing all this time. He was trying to tap into the base. They both were. For their own political fortunes. They thought that it was just talk. It's just rhetoric. People are just going to go and they'll go to a rally and they'll chant some things, you know, Lock her up, lock him up that kind of stuff, and but they'll vote. That I'm not sure maybe they thought they would never come to what it came to yesterday. And now there are concerns in D. C that there are those who are going to be planning another attack. They should have thought about it, though. They should have realized that Overwhelmingly. Trump's supporters. Are just people. They're just people who go to work every day, and they see themselves as Just you know, they're trying to raise a family taking care of the kids and taking care of the mortgage and the business and That's it. Good, decent people. But they didn't They don't know what they forgot. About the radicals. That they're in the far right. That don't see it. The way the mainstream does. That saw this as an opportunity for themselves to do what They've been wanting to be able to do. I mean, you're buying into these conspiracy theories long enough. You think about something else, too? For those that genuinely believe that your country is being stolen from you. Is it really going too far to storm the capital? If you really believe that? If you really believe That there's an unlawful taking in an election. And the person who should be president isn't president because Trump's having it stolen from him? And the country the way we know it is being ripped apart and out of their very hands because of fraud and deceit. How outrageous is it to go to the very next step that okay, we're going to storm the capital. Would take the country back. I'm just thankful it didn't turn more violent than it did. I'm thankful that There weren't shots fired on the from the protest side. More people weren't hurt. Thankfully. But you cannot continue with this idea of throwing out these statements and they're not expecting anybody to respond to them at all. And just say what? Why didn't mean any of this? I I didn't know. Doesn't work that way. It just doesn't I'm hoping That.

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