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I'm Todd and intense evacuation continues in Central California, where wildfires of trump campers and rugged terrain Here's ABC is Alex Stone in California. Mammoth Pool campgrounds are in a very remote area of the Sierra Nevada is near the Ansel Adams Wilderness Fire breaking out in exploding and extremely dry, hot weather Baking California Right now, flames took out the bridge to get out. The road is covered by debris. About 150. Campers told the shelter in place with fire all around them, while helicopters are ordered out to evacuate them. So far, 63 people have been rescued by military helicopters Protest nationwide continue over the weekend from Rochester to Portland cities they're continuing to grapple with not only clashes between demonstrators and police, but between duelling protest groups as well On in Louisville, Kentucky. Some scuffles between different groups of protesters, self described patriot squaring off with demonstrate. Raters calling for justice in the police shooting of Briana Taylor. If you look at the big picture, their anger at the direction that the city is heading this country's heading and everybody's pointing the finger at each other. And it could be dangerous. Louisville police say they were able to de escalate the situation quickly. It's ABC is Kristine Sloan. And in Portland, Oregon. Hundreds of people gathered for Black lives matter rally Saturday night, Molotov cocktails were thrown in the streets, sparking a large fire video posted online appeared to show tear gas being deployed to clear protesters and police declared the gathering. A riot and arrests were made. A major pharmaceutical company working on a Corona virus vaccine are coming together, making a promise before the vaccine goes to market. See telling say, sit, prepared, toe distribute vaccine as early as November 1st But now a group of pharmaceutical companies all competing to be the first to release a vaccine coming together, saying they will not release any vaccine.

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