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Volkswagen. The taxes go. I'll be playing the role of eric taxes today. i've studied my lines and i think i can do it. Albain yes sir. Going on in the country that we should talk about no slow newsweek again slow shown i think we'll do the guy behind you people watching this on video. He looks just like mike lindell. The guy behind me is mike lindell neat they both can't be mike lindell's of mypillow dot com by the way. Use the code. Eric and save big. But it's funny. Because i see mike lindell behind you and i see him behind me and i'm thinking that maybe one of them is the real. Mike lindell maybe neither of them is may be We could get mike lindell the actual person as our guest today. And you know what. I'm calling an audible. We're gonna have mike lindell on When we come back from the break mike lindell. I wanna tell people before he comes on this program because we'll have him for the rest of this hour. He's an american hero. What he has done with his own money and his time and energy To look into this election is unbelievable. And it's not that he is uncovered it. It's come to his attention. I think you mentioned Alan jones and mary fanning with the american report. They got smoking gun evidence. I mean we've had smoking gun evidence before frankly but this is a new level of smoking gun And it talks about chinese and other foreign countries involved in this election. It's the most monstrous stuff there is now. Many of us have been suspecting this for several months right now but to note to have the details of how many votes trump got i. I've always said. I want to get this information out. The scandal is that the mainstream media the major media. All of the media were living in a culture right now. Where cultural marxism hold sway. And the truth. People don't want the truth. People don't wanna discuss anything. They're threatening us that if we so much as talk about. I mean imagine. This is a free country folks. This is a free country. The people are threatening that if we so much as talk about the idea that this election was not on the up and up which i'm now completely convinced it was not That we are somehow participating in fomenting violence. I just wanna say that is the most despicable tactic anyone could use to shut down opposition. It is just wrong. It is fundamentally un-american goes against everything we've ever believed in you know if you've had plenty of liberty and you've lived in these good times that we've had over the decades. You're not really sensitive to this. I'm sensitive to it because my parents experienced communism and the wickedness of it so we had recently this thing at the capitol now more and more it looks like a good chunk of it was scripted. we saw video yesterday of the jug head wearing the horns and the you know the for hat running around the capital. He's supposed to be some cunanan guy. They're all idiots but the fact is there was no insurrection. There was a there was no violence..

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