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This week, and then John just get hosts our New York New York podcast and is monitoring the Rogers thing as well because it's just good content for his pod. Shield, what's a bigger story to you right now, Rogers or Lamar? Oh, it's got to be, I think it's a little more easily because there are like wide ranging implications on how NFL contracts are handed out. There are all these, any team could jump in like we could just, you know, wake up to a text that T max is meeting with Lamar Jackson on Wednesday. So the Rogers think to me at least feels like it's gonna happen. We just don't know the exact terms, but at this point, I don't know how you guys feel. I just think it'd be a surprise if he's not starting for the jets in week one of next season. JJ panic move or smart move for the jets. I think it's somewhere in between because there are a lot of warning signs Aaron Rodgers, age, Aaron Rodgers, performance last year, that would have you cautious, but I kind of think guys the jets are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have to go and get Aaron Rodgers. They whipped on Zach Wilson, this coach has to get to the playoffs, so he's gonna get fired. If the jets don't get to the playoffs, even Joe Douglas with the job he's done in the draft with guys like gorner and Garrett Wilson and Bruce hall, he's gonna be feeling the heat if there's 7 in ten or they're 8 9 next season. So I didn't look at Derek Carr as this move the needle move. I have Jeff fans in my life for like all you gotta, you gotta sign car, you can't let Carl leave the building based upon what? Course stunk last year, like what was I missing with that? I watched them on Christmas Eve, basically with and throwing completion if they incompletion against the Steelers, Rogers, you gotta roll the dice. I understand it could blow up in their face. I know it could look awful in two or three years and it would be typical jets. You gotta do it. Whatever it takes because if you put Rogers on a jets and he poised the way he did two years ago, you could sell me that they're a legit contender in the AFC. I couldn't agree more on car and I've been saying that in the podcast. To me, he looked washed last year. He looked like a guy who didn't want to get hit anymore. I was shocked by the saints. I really thought that was just ludicrous, especially for a team that's in so much cap hell anyway. My take on the Rogers thing. I have two to throw you guys. And they're tied together. One is that I think the Jets have had so much damage with all the quarterback situations they've had. Really, their whole history dating back to Joe Willie wins in the Super Bowl over 50 years ago. And then from that moment on, it's just, they're trying to patch that position together through every Jets fan I have through the 80s through the 90s. They're getting the bubby brister and the Neil O'Donnell's and the boomer esiason and Brett Favre, they go and get. And then they're spending these high draft picks on people like Sanchez and Zach Wilson. And they could just never get it right. And I see the philosophy of, all right, we have this loaded team that from a win loss record completely underachieved last year because of the quarterback position. How do we not get Aaron Rodgers? We'll finally have stability. But Sheila, I think JJ hit the key point. What Rogers are you getting? You're getting this guy who is acted really erratically on and off the field the last couple of years. And I didn't think he played well last year. He was above average, but I don't think he was elite. I don't think he was awesome. And to me, he seems like an arrow pointing down guy. Do you think it was just the circumstances or do you think age or do you think there's a comeback in them? Yeah, I think Tom Brady ruined sort of what we think about these aging curves. I mean, Rogers turns 40 during next season, 40 years old, and now you're asking him to compete with the Joe burrows Josh Allen's Patrick Mahomes of the AFC. I mean, it's tough. Like JJ said, it's almost like, what's the ceiling there? I don't see the ceiling of them as a contender, but at the same time, it goes back to the history Bill you just mentioned, like if they get if they make the playoffs, jets fans are gonna be thrilled next year. If they make the divisional round, jets fans are gonna be thrilled. So if you're asking me, what's the best long-term move for the franchise and like the smart, reasonable football nerd thing to do? It's not to give up draft picks for the right to pay a 39 year old quarterback $59 million next year with Nathaniel Hackett. That wouldn't be it. But at the same time, if you're a Jets fan and you're like, God, it sucks. Our team was good last year, our quarterback held us back. We just want to have like a game on December 29th, where we're like, hey, we have a chance to make the playoffs, or maybe we're gonna make the wild card, then you can sell me on that. But yeah, it could be a situation. Remember when Antonio Brown went to the Raiders and were like, wow, Mike Tomlin must have been just like the greatest coach of all time because we didn't know anything that was happening with Antonio Brown like there could be a little bit of that situation where you're like, all right, putting Rogers in a different place in New York with that media market. What's it going to be like? So either way, it's going to be entertaining. It's going to be good for JJ and the New York New York pod once in once it happens. Yeah, JJ, I

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