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The eights here is Deputy Opie's Dave Tilden and through Virginia Traffic moving steadily up and down I 95 through Springfield, Newington Lord in Woodbridge, Dale City, Quantico and through Stafford County Volume delays have eased Get away is over and done with 66 westbound hazard Free incident Free delay Free Arlington Out to Gainesville, The planes and front royal eastbound just slightly slow past Nutley Street toward the Beltway may have one or two often the work so nothing new reported, though, in the way in the full time lanes anyway, on 66 eastbound the Beltway around through Tysons through Annandale, Springfield, Alexandria, No delays toward the Wilson or Legion Bridges and Maryland for 95. Traffic is moving well. Holiday light on to 70 north and south down between Rockville and Interstate 70 and Frederick 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway, No types or slowdowns between the Beltway Route 50 clear sailing eastbound from buoy and Annapolis across the Chesapeake Bay. Two lanes eastbound is good enough. There are no delays to go toward the eastern shore for that late get away in the district. Very quiet on the Southeast Southwest Freeway had a minor crash north bound on DC to 95 near Pennsylvania Avenue Driver swapped info and moved On Rock Creek Parkway remains to weigh. So does fire Barton Parkway for the observed federal holiday. Ifyou're going outbound on Canal Road toward Clara Barton Park Way haven't got the all clear At last report, Thesiger ll was malfunctioning and staying stuck on red drivers Outbound on Canal who wished to go straight ahead into Maryland onto Clara Barton Parkway..

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