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Our top stories and go inside everything. And a good morning, a pair of Federal Reserve officials who vote on policy this year have backed a downshift in the pace of rate rises, Dallas fed president, Laurie Logan, said the U.S. Central Bank needs to keep hiking rates put slowly, Laurie Logan's view was echo by Philadelphia fed president Patrick harker, who says he favors raising rates in quarter point increments. There are remarks or at odds with comments from FOMC hawks. James bollard and Loretta mester, who believe it's too soon for a policy downshift. Now Blackstone has raised a record $22.2 billion for a fun that will acquire stakes from pensions endowments and other investors. The whole which far exceeds the firm's initial target is the biggest secondary's fund ever raised and comes as a private equity giant further expands beyond its buyout routes. And finally, English football clubs have cemented their position as a leading revenue generators here in Europe, Manchester City took the top spot in Deloitte's annual money league for a second year running with 5 more English clubs filling out the top ten man cities revenue up 13% last year was boosted by sharp increase in commercial income, Liverpool and Manchester United, also made the top 5. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. This is Bloomberg, Stephen. Leigh Anne, thank you very much now. It's cold out here in London. It's even colder in Davos, but our next guest EU economy commissioner Paolo gentiloni is thrilled about the weather, which he thinks will drive a Europe wide economic recovery. We'll hear more from that interview from Davos in just a moment. This is Bloomberg. Bloomberg television first in global business news. The markets matter and they are moving. Yields actually lower globally from New York to San Francisco. Headlines involving Twitter from London to Hong Kong. It has been a week off huge gyration. The world turns to Bloomberg for market moving headlines. All eyes are on what's going on in the tech space. The dollar really taking control here. Bloomberg television, the Bloomberg business happened, Bloomberg dot com. Check your local listings for the cable or satellite provider in your area. Wake up and text

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