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That Joe Biden as as much of an institution list as years takes the court from nine to eleven and it becomes a six five still conservative leaning, and he says that's redressing the balance but not actually packing the cooler the you know the has changed its composition of a time to get started out at six justices. It's now nine. It's not defined by the Constitution, which is what the Supreme Court is supposed to rule on. It's not defined by the constitution how many seats that should be it may take an act of Congress, but you'd be a seeming here at this case that Democrats are actually in control of Congress. in addition to what the president might be able to do by simply nominating someone at using the traditional path, they could have a safety net of having an act of Congress to to cement that as well. So I think. It's inconceivable that the Supreme Court would stop or Daniel I. Bet you've got views on that, but I just want to make sure we get some of the things that our readers view is. Coming in with the they've been. There's one tonight about how significant is the Hispanic. Vote in Florida of Hispanics, for trump and he's that because Republicans have persuaded them that the Democrats are socialist like they've been left behind in Venezuela and Cuba and central. Florida trump but lots of people have been especially in advance have been writing in variations of this question about whether either about Latino Voters orb African American voters particularly asking this question of kind of how on earth are people of color voting for Donald Trump and there are these numbers that suggest at least some people in those groups are and the the Guardian, a listener is a bit mystified. Can you enlighten them for US Daniel? Wise this happening Because every voter is different and no party or political movement has a monopoly on any kind of any gender or race or ethnicity like I am a little weird out by that question to be honest there are going to be African Americans who vote for trump. There are GonNa be Hispanics and Latinos who vote for trump the women who vote for trump they're going to be men who vote for trump. The difference is that they will probably remain a minority. Now.

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