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Is season five episode seven the character kilfoyle who is the satanist programmer one of the programmers behind the company the fictional company in the show pitches an idea to his boss richard hendrix and it's a it's an idea as to how to get away from venture capital funding because at this point in the in the season they're looking for more funding from venture capitalists and the previous funding that they've gotten has come with strings attached and that makes development difficult it adds in complexities and makes it so the venture capital investors have some amount of control over what's going on and so guilfoil pitches his boss on the idea of doing what they call an icy oh which is a real thing it's an initial currency offering or initial coins initial coin offering which has been away for companies or startups to fund themselves without actually having to go through the venture capital process so here's what happens what are we talking about here you want us to launch currency i do the fact that people are willing to pay many multiples more for our compute credits than they're worth we have an opportunity here worth is relative richard what do you mean why do people covered the silly pieces of green cotton paper in their launch because we are all sheep and we've mutually agreed to entail certain things with value and right now for some reason the market values our credits more than we do did kilfoyle we're not going to send me pit it and become a digital currency company i'm not proposing a pivot i'm proposing that we sell digital currency as a way to finance our new internet company.

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