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Now, let me Vinnie will be Georgia's first female president after winning the country's election. But she faces more than a few challenges. Not least navigating the country's difficult relationship with Russia. Monaco's Andrew moolah spoke to just before her victory and asked what she thinks relationship between Georgia and Russia should look like I'm how to get that. It's based on the practice. I haven't the experience I have I had two different experiences. I had one when it was decided on the European side and was deeply involved in the negotiations of the can countries that were wanting to exceed you and the natual and where before the big bang and Mike change. There was that one has to full very steady line. Not stop in goes today steady slow and deter line to go to the end of that of that ruled the second experience when negotiating the Russian military. Days is was that I had devised and told Nagara when starting the negotiations that would inform before and after every well enough negotiation the head of the presidency of that time of the European Union and the American investigator and did those things each time. We had a new round up negotiations and sees how Georgia should behavioral. We kinda Ford to go alone in a data with Russia. One thing is that Russia is still occupying. The treats every treason makes today difficult to do as if nothing was happening and every other day Russia's changing, the okay tying line, two meters or more. And that is putting very heavy treasure on Georgia and Russia is continuing to do that. And sometimes abducting people on that line who do not really know where the line passes. So in those conditions to be talking about renewing any dialogue is not that realistic. But we have to be very close to our American and European friends and wisdom behind them sometimes together with them, see how much new Tricia can be Putin Russia and how much they can put pressure on Russia to try to go towards a solution on those issues when you talk about Georgia being close to its American European friends. How close are you talking though, do you think for example, that accession to NATO or even the e u realistic ambitions for Georgia, especially while Russian forces? In the country because that's what the Joel population has constantly wanted. And once we the very very t-. There is little change in that. Now, the other thing is the other side. I mean, of course, you have to be to to be able to achieve the results. And so much depends on what will be the you in the coming months and years, one important thing is what type of Brexit will be negotiated. I'll perspective is daddy clear and the medicines that we can do down that road do even before entering and when not waiting for the final adhesion Georgia who is today in the region here, the most McCray tick, the most European the most stable country can have much closer I sink relationships we both stations and since I've been working. From the inside. With both conditions knows them win can talk the same language. I'm sure I can get much more during that the road that we're following two lords the end result, which is a accession and that what is important today for the Georgian population is to get more to get closer to be more involved. And to feel that we are really already in some ways parts of fewer up and supported by our friends in NATO. I wanted to ask to what extent you regard, French politics still as a model for Georgia and politics or whether specifically you see Francis. Current president Emmanuel Macron as as any kind of mobile for the sold of president you would like to be of Georgia..

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