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Dodge up for grabs a pair of tickets to circus soleil that is the eighth of August at the A. T. and T. center another day another missile test for North Korea that second time and we get it imagine somebody's attention yeah and I guess they're kind of doing this because of the war games at south Korea's planets there we still don't know what type of missile got fired yesterday but it was a another missile test right now of course you got the White House del yelling at once again saying there's no indication of any threat to the US or any of our allies so they will just look into it at this point okay but is it any time another country files fires a ballistic missile threat to our country I mean it just it just is I don't think these are going to stop now at least it was Donald Trump going back over there to stop him because it didn't work last time summit for sorry for I don't know wow yeah and of course here we go drop in more a trash into the the E. C. missile trashes which is called missile trash they're not gonna stop and I don't why would they what I do anything to make him stop why would they they have no reason to at this point well have more on that coming up throughout the morning and the shooting at Walmart yesterday this is a big yeah yeah yeah Mississippi this scares me because it the disgruntled employee they got fired it always bothers me when somebody gets fired for many reasons but that's one of the main reasons right there because you never know what's going on in their minds and what's gonna happen especially if there's a previous and yes involving a weapon with yes former employee yes it and it's just scary I mean it really is and thank god they had done the active shooting training recently tour they were there fast yeah in and he still managed to kill two people injured by one fifteen I believe fourteen yeah I only heard that book couple of okay plays were okay yeah but in in that little time you managed to kill two people and wounded others that that right there scary and of course you had the one over the was a Friday or Saturday the Gilroy garlic festival yeah way yeah yeah we're you're going through metal detectors but you gotta check the parameters to that's the other thing that we need to work on I guess I had a venue that big in their line of manpower to there's going to have to be there's going to have to be because I I I don't want to say this is the new trend but looks they found a way around the metal detectors yeah it's it is scary out there and of course you got the democratic debate that happened last night will get on that coming up.

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