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And when the pd saga happened i i turned away from that sport for three or four years i've come back to it like a lot of people but i have a visceral reaction to barry bonds to mark mcgwire sammy sosa garage clemens to those people rafael palmeiro who we believe who we suspect in some cases we know utilized pds and today joe morgan all famer sent an email to hall of fame voters asking emporium that those who vote without exception exclude those who we suspect use pds i mean is reach part of his letter and joe morial at super bowl disclosure controversial figure in the tightknit baseball community don't know him if interaction four times the very pleasant there are a lot of people in baseball who really like him there are a lot of people in baseball who really don't it's a rally here's what he wrote quote the more we halloffamer's talk about this and we talk about a lot we realize we can no longer sit silent he wrote the voters never the voters are writers baseball writers' association america very powerful office the hall of famers former players quote goes up many of us have come to think that silence will be considered complicity or that fans might think we are okay if the standards of.

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