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I thought with lisa joy cocreator co show runner director of episode four who gave a lot of information about the finale it's really nice when you can corner lisa joy or jona nolan and actually get information out of them because it's a rare occasion these days but i thought she was very forthcoming with her vision of the show and her explanations of the finale tessa thompson i spoke to tessa thompson we were like half right on our desk thompson prediction joey wiler alert by the way because we haven't really given too many spoilers up to this point we're about to get full tilt in there but you and i have been saying for weeks we think that will probably lose tessa thompson from the show in charlotte is dead but she is also not we'll yeah we'll get to hillary's soon yes it's it's it's an amazing thing i think that this is the best of both worlds where charlotte hail gets gets what was coming to her and given the way she treated so many other people including one of our favorites shannon woodward as hughes are a lot of human casualties in in the finale at least a few really important substantial ones and i think she is number one with a couple of bullets in in that regard on so charlotte is going to get killed off but she is also going to be replaced by hilarious which is the internal name or the this deloris you'll charlotte that we end up seeing that ends up being kind of the big twist of the episode until you stick around through the credits and get to the really big twist of the episode the whole man in black thing at the end of the episode which we will talk about in detail when we get there but i feel like we would be doing disservice to everybody if we didn't at least mention it off the top joe how confused and like bewildered and how much critical fluid was ewing from your ears at that point when you saw that final final scene of season two well no one warned me that there was and i was off twitter because i didn't want to be spoiled an update why do watch on the west coast airing at nine pm on sunday night so i just wish i would have watching the credits sort of you know sort of trying to figure out what the hell happened and i actually i really glad that happened i got my answer which is william wasn't always a host he was a host much later life and this is in the blade runner future the emily daughter host the william host the realization i just i love the future broken down west role that it presented a end the future host run world presented it helps clarify with william so i loved it yes so that was that was one of the great points of clarity that i was able to divine from lisa joy when we spoke about the finale where she talked about how that scene is the furthest point in time line that we have seen so far that post credits scene with the man in black takes place in the far future after the main action of westworld seasons one and two have completed by the time the credits are rolling and then the credits roll and then you get the man in black coming down the elevator and that scene unfolds that is by far and away the furthest point that we have gotten to so far if you walked away from that post credits scene thinking the man in black was a host the whole time he was robot the whole time no everything that happened with the man in black it was real it was real it's like i was going to make a law spoiler but if you know lost you know this boy where i was going to i was going to give so we'll just let it lie drink a drink so that that all happened but there are things that are happening that we will get to with the man in black and that post credits reality and that's very exciting so we'll dig into that when we get there dolores bernard a are free joe air off the island and they have fully evolved into a magneto and professor x relationship and.

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