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Veterans because you just moved so well and I think he is I mean honestly mentally as far as you know decision making and processing he's right there with with Matt Ryan and he's potentially ahead of time with Tom Brady is doing inside the new scheme who he's Brady has been far from perfect as far as his decision-making. So yeah, I just look like when I really sat there and asked You know in a vacuum in a vacuum. What quarterback do I want to help me win a game on Sunday? And he was the 16th at that came up on my list. I love that. I think actually totally makes sense. Especially when you consider that it's more mobile than other guys like Matt Ryan or Tom Brady and that's kind of one of those fun things where you go down. I do this with the Cardinals when I picked their their season, I looked at their schedule went through the list counted up on my gosh. There are twelve and four pack is like I'm going to be wrong on that but my point is it's fun when you go through a process and are surprised by the results, but you trust your process they get there that make sense actually. Yeah, that's awesome. How about Justin Herbert? What do you make of his first couple of weeks off? Yeah. So I and I know you weren't you weren't a Herbert guy. Either know I was very far on that end of the spectrum as well. I had a second-round grade on him and I want as far as comparing him to Paxton Lynch at the end of the draft process and I said his like his ceiling would be a Jared Goff where if he has a good structure around him. He can play and Rhythm he dead. Can be accurate I just don't trust him to become that kind of Next Level quarterback and he's out the gate really exceeding my expectations at a few things for for one off. His arm has been as good as advertised. And as low as I was on Herbert some people disagree with me when I said that the second he gets drafted he's going to be top four top 5 arm talents in the NFL cuz he just he really does happen that close to like Josh Allen Mahomes Rogers arm which which if used correctly can be lethal as we saw last week, especially but what what he's done is he's been dead more consistent with his accuracy, which has surprised me he at Oregon in my opinion had you know, eighty 90% of his throws were great and they looked awesome. But then that 10% of his throws would just totally get are mailed know. We're in the right vicinity and I don't I haven't seen that show up quite yet in his first three starts..

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