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Bernie could win don't vote for the weakest candidate a lot of Democrats crossed over and voted for Donald Trump not realizing that he become the disruptor in the better candidate the only one who could take on Hillary I'm voting for Bernie because it's the clear choice let's put socialism on the ballot let's compare socialism to free market economics let's see his judges versus trump's judges let's see his military budget first of trump's military budget let's compare his regulatory state versus trump's regulatory state trouble when don't vote for him because he's weak because you don't know who can mobile Albert is pretty strong Robert Costa by the way was on MSNBC with Nicole Wallace our friend casa summed up I had a mom before the debate hello everybody thought after the debate here's what he told Nicole Wallace cut number fifteen for many moderates in the party last night was a disaster because they were hoping either mayor Bloomberg would take control of the race for mayor Rudy judge presented a club which are vice president Biden would take control of them the message in that wing of the party instead it remains scattered it remains balkanized in the centrist wing of the Democratic Party in senator Sanders when you look at national polling continues to surge ahead and this is why they don't invite me on the call show there is no centrist wing of the Democratic Party there is left far left it over the edge laughed there is no centrist wing but they don't want me to say that to it and put me on the call shop Tom's tire on with CNN's Alisyn Camerota yesterday he declared the winner of the debate cut number one well I saw the person who won the debate last night his name is Donald Trump that's the first thing I'd say what do you mean by that resident trump win because I saw so much bickering between democratic candidates tearing each other down and going after each other and forgetting the fact that what really counts is beating Donald Trump in November of twenty twenty people going after this dire you're here has been to I mean people are throwing away your votes on anybody except burning or Bloomberg or build a judge John Kerry is out there stumping for Joe Biden it's like what was that movie the Walter Matthau was in the old guy movie overbilled when Kapil met John Kerry and Joe Biden doing grumpy old men he walked into a room there are literally two dozen a dozen people there customer sixteen but I know that each one of you here since this country.

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