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Made the remark while visiting a polling station in his home state of Delaware to cast his vote ahead of the midterms. Oklahoma police are investigating the deaths of 8 people in a house fire as a murder suicide broken arrow police chief Brandon Barry hill says investigators do not believe that the house fire is what killed two adults and 6 children on Friday morning, and that their cause of death is yet to be determined. The children raged in ages from one to 13, the victims have not yet been identified. The Houston Astros are looking even up the World Series tonight, the Philadelphia Phillies stormed back from a 5 zero deficit last night to take game one 6 to 5 and ten innings, first pitch from Houston in game two is set for 8 O 3 p.m. eastern. I'm Chris grazia. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. Hurricane sandy also known as super storm sandy hit ten years ago today since then Gotham has reports, billions of dollars worth of seawalls, jetties, breakwaters, and reinforced dunes are being erected along the water fronts of Staten Island, Manhattan, and the rockaway Peninsula. These barriers promise to protect the coastline for several decades ahead as sea levels rapidly rise and severe storms become more frequent, but the entire 520 mile coastline of New York City faces an uncertain future amid these threats. New Twitter owner Elon Musk says there will be no account reinstatements on the social media site right away. The billionaire tweeted Friday that a content moderation council will be formed to evaluate the platform and Musk said it will include widely diverse viewpoints. Several prominent figures are banned from Twitter over controversial remarks, including former president Donald Trump. General Motors is temporarily suspending advertising on Twitter. The story from Bloomberg's trolley poet. It comes after the social media platform was acquired by Elon Musk, the head of rival automaker, Tesla, the Detroit automaker, which is racing to catch up with Tesla in electric vehicle development, says it is talking with Twitter to discuss how the platform will change and will stop advertising until it has a better understanding of what will happen to it with Musk now at the helm. Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Republican election officials around New York refused to process absentee ballots amid a court challenge earlier this week, but then began opening and scanning the ballots after a warning from the state attorney general. Nationwide, there have already been more than 100 lawsuits filed this year around the November 8th elections. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg

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