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The home with a horns coming out of it tom rotating easy actually as right all right hannity upi at some it's going to get hurt here i'm just tonight going to preserve in richer roper whose dressed as a german hockey excite rule paul yes i am of my character is karl heinz fruits pawns gruber ib wellmannered a german soccer hooligan oh that's my character terrible loosely based on the life of karlheinz grenada worse against chicago sting player who left town unexpected and then a little bit of hans gruber from let's see what you as your visit pearl history to have a restaurant or something here the thought that he did not yes settlers of is a very weird all remember was a good was they had a coaching villy roy yes it is really really roy is the name is feeling the ira's wanted because that that sting from 1970s always seemed like they just like i saw the boys from brazil or whatever that one and then i thought oh my god this earth hey guys guys there were living in south america other little short it's time for thirty five at six let's get whoa the area jio very much etc check in in her things are to lower to hire just don't know which there the area rose mcgowan spoke in public for the first time since accusing harvey weinstein of assault nobody women's convention in detroit today the actor has encouraged supporters to call out harassment wherever cello.

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