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Hi Mike Rossi a reporting doctors kept a close eye on president trump's use of a malaria drug according to the White House doctor president Donald Trump was monitored closely while he took a 2 week course of a malaria drug in a bid to prevent the corona virus writing in the president's latest physical Dr Shawn Conley says trump underwent at least 1 electrocardiogram as he took a 2 week course of hydroxy clerk when after 2 White House staffers tested positive for coalbed 19 trump frequently championed the unproven hydroxy Cork when during the pandemic the president was evaluated twice for the physical first to 11/20/19 and then in April overall calmly said the president remains healthy Mike Crossey up Washington hi Mike Rossi a reporting Virginia's governor is to announce the removal of a statue of the confederacy's top general Virginia governor Ralph Northam is set to announce plans to take down one of the nation's most iconic edifice of monuments to the confederacy a senior northern administration official tells the Associated Press the governor is expected to announce Thursday a statue of general Robert E. Lee will be removed from state land on Richmond's prominent monument Avenue or the will direct the statue be put in storage while input is sought on a new location on Wednesday Richmond mayor levar Stoney announced he plans to seek the removal of statues of Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart which are on city land on monument Avenue I might cross yep a race horse named for the infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci came in second place in the Belmont Park race and appear to be practicing social distancing the 2 year old colt named found she would have made his namesake proud leaving plenty of distance between himself and first place finisher prisoner and third place indoctrinate this was Betty's debut at Belmont name for the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases by Italian American co owner Philip antenna G. into the IT says he wanted to honor the service the doctor found she's given the world in fighting dangerous diseases he says he was also hoping to name a Philly after doctor Deborah Burke's other pandemic named horses registered with the Jockey Club social distancing flatten the curve and herd immunity hi Jackie Quinn

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