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Oh so what are you looking for. When you're trying to determine what time would wind put in the second unit is certain score certain time in the game. What are you looking for. Kind of movement on both sides Just where we're at the score obviously starts that thought process but are you. Are you safe doing that. And still You know being able to get those guys that opportunity to play and you never know when they're going to be in the game plan In a normal situation so And then listen they. All bus are tail during the week. And it gives them an opportunity to to feel a part of it and So that all of that kind of goes into the thank you day. Yeah todd lebeau good coach. I wonder if you could speak to how kinda your defensive backfield has had that works through lots of different things if you're with suspensions and injuries and and all that and how how well they ended up playing for you. I missed a this cutting out for whatever reason. I don't know what's going on so just give it to me one more time. Your defensive backfield with all the different changes and know suspensions and injuries and how they'd kind of battled through all of that and continued to kind of get the job done for you they. They've done a nice job. Mirrored sam They've they've they've done is job of keeping everything to get there and and teaching all the guys and the veteran players I think they've done. They've done that well. And the guys all trust each other and they've they've worked a man a little bit like what we talk more about. When andy heck lose the offense other do the same thing in the secondary so when a guy has an op jump in as not foreign. That's a The player feels comfortable with it and most of all the guys around him feel comfortable with it and they're at that position. You've gotta have great communications so that becomes very important. That they're they've trusted each other. Though bryn mawr for the last one good really. Good morning andy. I know that you've talked about this several times throughout the course of the summer but now that we are twenty four hours removed away from the election. And you're starting to ensure see that kind of the setup going on and it's becoming a little more real. Just how proud are you of your guys that they really led. This charged it to get that type of change done. Yeah so. I think it's it's an eight. They've been able to do it right here at the stadium and the there are a lot of things that had to go right to get that done and A lot of it had to do first of all with the players having a plan. Second of all presenting it to management and ownership and then the those people in ownership and management support him so clark han mark donovan gone above and beyond to support the players. And that's what teams all about. So there's very respect there. And that's the part. I appreciate The most just how everybody pulled together join. Get this thing done..

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