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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst. President trump is urging travelers coming back to the US from Europe to be patient as they wait in long lines to be screened for the corona virus. As David Schaper reports this comes after thousands of arriving travellers waited an airport lines for hours that has led to sharp criticism of the trump administration from public officials around the country. Travelers returning to Chicago's O'hare airport reported standing in tightly packed hoard or smashed together with thousands of other people for up to four to six hours as they waited to be screened for Cova nineteen symptoms. This is utterly unacceptable Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says conditions made it more likely that anyone infected with spread the virus putting lives at risk. The federal government must immediately and significantly increase personnel devoted to out airport screening and rather than sending ice into the streets sent screeners to our airport acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad. Wolf says it a tweet the department will be increasing screening capacity David Schaper. Npr News Chicago. Meanwhile the Corona virus outbreak in Italy the biggest outside of Asia had its worst day today with thirty six hundred new cases and three hundred sixty eight deaths just in the last twenty four hours. And here's Silvio Pohjola reports. Italian officials worry that the health system in northern Italy has reaching the saturation point. The epicenter is in Lamberti. In a cluster of small and medium-sized towns where the outbreak surfaced on February twenty first the government has imposed drastic restrictions on freedom of movement in a bid to prevent the virus from spreading. Everything is being done to prevent a surgeon cases in Milan the Italian financial and Economic Locomotive. Anna metropolis of some three million people. There's a severe lack of ICU. Beds ventilators face masks and other medical equipment. Lamberti Welfare Counselor. Julia Galera said the number of cases is expected to rise for the next fourteen days with the start of a decline at the end of next week. Sylvia Poggioli. Npr News Rome. President trump says. He's strongly considering pardoning his first National Security Adviser Michael Flynn NPR's Ryan. Lucas has more in a tweet. President trump references and unspecified report to claim that the FBI destroyed Flynn's life and his family's life the president then accuses without evidence the FBI and Justice Department of losing records related to Flynn. He goes on to say that he is quote strongly considering a full pardon. Flint pleaded guilty in two thousand seventeen to lie to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador. He cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation but since hiring a new legal team. Last summer. Flynn has taken a decidedly combative approach. He has now seeking to withdraw his guilty plea and has accused the government of being vindictive and violating his cooperation agreement. Ryan Lucas. Npr News Washington. And you're listening to NPR news from Washington. The movie theatre box office took a hit this weekend from corona virus fears. Npr's Bob Mondello has more north. American movie theaters were sparsely. Attended this weekend as box office for all of the films. Currently on some forty thousand screens fell to fifty five million dollars a level not seen since nineteen ninety eight because ticket prices have doubled in the last twenty two years that represents far fewer people not even as many as attended the opening of just one movie. Sonic the hedgehog three.

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