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A web of deception from a modern white house it's horrifying but chore isn't new lyndon johnson and the gulf of tonkin nixon and watergate clinton and monica gate then there was the george w bush administration when a tissue of lies about supposed weapons of mass destruction triggered the invasion of iraq at a cost of roughly a trillion dollars and many hundreds of thousands of human lives and ongoing deadly chaos in the region the rob reiner film shock and awe revisits the run up to the war with its trumped up intelligence and a credulous mass media that mainly failed to challenge the bush administration's motives its competence and it's phony evidence of an iraqi threat hussein is about revenge he has he loves biological weapons he has terrorist training camps seven seven to practice on one person close to the debate said to me this week that it's no long a question of if it's a question of how we go after saddam hussein bush is the president he makes decisions and you know is this one american wherever you want to be the lineup is telling me where the movie focuses on the reporting of jonathan landay and warren strobel formerly if the knight ridder new service who refused to defer to the government's narrative and unraveled the fraud calliope off we're going to run a whether comments tonight actually yes it is a matter of life in debt we're talking about going to four think of all the president's men with the added element of the heroes working in an environment of colossal journalistic failure jonathan landay is now a national security correspondent for reuters and is played in the film by woody harrelson nothing welcome back to tm thank you for having me you and strobel head asked the right questions you'd put it all together the fabricated intelligence leaks from dick cheney's office but you were voices in the wilderness why it's a good question it's one we get asked all the time i think there are several reasons we're talking about a time immediately post nine eleven there was a propensity on the part of the public and the media to stand behind the president that at time of national catastrophe not buildings down we'll hear all of us.

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