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The Glenn Beck program. We're thrilled to have the great governor from the great state of Texas governor Greg Abbott on with us now. Hello governor. How are you, sir? I am doing terrific. How's it going? Good. It's always good to talk to you. I wanna talk to you about a couple of things first of all early voting. We're seeing this massive turnout in know in Houston and in Dallas. What does this? What does this tell you? And how's the turn out the rally around the rest of the state? Well, this may be frustrating. Big because the true answer is is too early to tell right. Here's what we don't know. And that is is this a front running of what the overall vote total will be or is it a massive wave vote for your listeners what we're saying. With regard to the turnout is smashing records, not just for mid term elections, which is what this is. But in many of these locations are the first day of owning exceeds the amount of votes that took place in the presidential election on the very first day. And so all we know is this and that is a massive number of people are turning out to vote. We'll notice Karpenko many orbits conservatives who were saying we are predators caravan. That's coming up here. And we wanna make sure we must people are going to do something to stop it. But here's all I can tell your audience, and that is if you care about the future of Texas, it'd be clear about the America or you can not sit on the sidelines this election year because there are other people out there who are casting those who may be. Hostile to values Europe. Allieu must be counted at the ballot box. If you're listening to make sure you go vote because a lot of other people are going to vote. So governor a lot of times people have said, oh, that's the most important election of your life. And I was thinking about this last night. I always hated that phrase. But in this particular case, we are now seeing the masks come off. Now, we're seeing people who say no to capitalism. No to the constitution. Mama democratic socialist. This is a game changing election. Is it not? You captured the essence very correctly because it used to be here in Texas, and maybe some other places the Democrats either end undergo label or they would call themselves a conservative democrat, and then they were a liberal and didn't they were progressive. And now, they are openly listing themselves as socialists and get this because it's not just in Texas the leading candidate for governor in Florida is now now he says, he's a socialist and the burning Sandra style of socialism, not even further to the left and the same thing is happening with regard to the governor's races and other key races across the entire United States of America. And even here in Texas. Some people may not be calling themselves a socialist. But when you look at their policies such as the open border policies that is socialism when you look at the wealth distribution policies that is socialism. And here's what these people don't realize, and that has socialism is real out there that we see in Venezuela where the reported inflation rate in Venezuela is over. A million percent. And so it's just crazy. What's going on? And that is why your listeners need to understand that they have the power to make sure this state in this country remain on the right track by going to vote cast your vote. I don't I don't think people understand conservatives understand how close this state is to flipping blue. There's there's only a few counties that are really a Lynch pin here, and you know, unbeknownst to most people Soros has dumped millions of dollars into this state for a long term plan of of turning us into California where you're writing in so many of your listeners need to understand this tour sources that involved in Texas elections for the past couple of cycles two years ago. He gave a half a million dollars directly to a candidate in Harris County down in Houston Bisher who paid a million dollars directly to a candidate. In San Antonio on top of that you has funded these games to get out the vote, and so he is trying to turn Texas into California. And that's on top of all this money pouring in from California for Canada's like Beto, but let's go back to the first part of your question and listeners think about this all the large cities where the population basis or in the state of Texas or really blue cities in blue counties. Yeah. Dallas San Antonio Austin. You have El Paso, and so these massive blue regions across the state of Texas, then makes it so much harder for people who are conservative people who are Republican to be able to cobble together the votes that are needed to make sure that we keep Texas that the bashing of freedom the batch of liberty in the bastion of conservative. So every vote counts, and and we really need to get people excited about this the same way they were last night where we were Houston, Texas. I'm tell you what people are fired up in there. Already, but we need people to go out. Tell me a little bit about the caravan. Is there do we have any idea other than the political leanings of this group when it was back in Honduras? Do we have any idea just the logistics who is behind this and what we're prepared to do? Sure heard the opportunity to speak with the secretary of homeland security as well as the president about this. And I can tell you what I can tell you publicly, and that is if you think these are people who are leaving on doors or what a mile or wherever they're coming from just trying to escape violence, and and come asylum. That is incorrect. This is very well organized. It's funded has there are there are others who are behind it. And very importantly in this caravan are not just people from Honduras and Guatemala. We know that some of the leaders of it are involved in MS thirteen we know that some of the people in it are from countries across the entire globe. There are what we use in the lingo, as which are special interest aliens who oppose a very real dangerous threat to the security of the United States of America who were embedded in these caravans, right Univision, just. Reported this morning that there were people with terrorist ties from Malaysia involved in invested in this. And and I've heard the same thing with with regard to terrorists coming from countries other than Malaysia. And then think about this if these people really were trying to escape a horrific life from whatever coming from. Why is it that they are marching with the flag of the country that they're coming? They are not coming to the United States of America to make the United States of America. A better place. They're not coming to states to. And seeking asylum from the dangerous they have in fact, there were multiple reports on TV last night. Any channel shown the interviews with these people in care ban. And they were talking about what what's your strategy when they get US said, it's very simple numbers overwhelm United States ability to go through your selling process for all these people. So they they have been taught in no already their strategy is to basically rushed the gates so much that the US loses control. Let me tell you something if we lose control of our border released lose control of our sovereignty. We are no longer a sovereign nation. And we must step up and use every tool that we can to make sure that we put an end to this caravan because understand this Quinn also on that is this may be two or three or five thousand people. But if they make it in right behind him. Here of twenty thousand people behind caravan of fifty thousand people and the United States of America, as we know it will be forever altered. But we don't do something to stop this. You know, the press is going to treat us like the Israelis and the caravan like the Palestinians is the president leaning on the president of Mexico and threatening to cut off. All I mean, if I mean, I think this is the time to really lean hard and say, this is not our problem turn them around or we'll cut off all aid with with Mexico. Is there a chance of this? Well, the the the president has been outspoken about coming off a two hundred dollars in Guatemala right now, the United States is working collaboratively in then this might be hard to believe. So I want to emphasize it, the US is working collaboratively with Mexico. My school has made a decision that they have not made it in the past Mexico is working with the United Nations to try to work on a temporary settlement up. These caravan members in Mexico. Mexico's is actually playing a very beneficial role in this whole process with us right now. And we applaud Mexico for what they're doing at least as of this moment of time. Are they headed towards Texas? No, no, invasion plans of the United States with the former Soviet Union ever included, Texas because they knew Texans would not take kindly to the invasion force are they headed towards Texas or California. I will tell you what are what was reported publicly last night. And I will not dispute it and that is early on before yesterday. There was great concern that they were headed for Texas. And it was reported last night that they are headed toward California. Now that makes sense because as you know, California is a sanctuary state, and they would welcome this terror ban, and Tim or caravans like it, and and and these care band members and the leader that this caravan they understand one thing that is they try to breach the gates in Texas. We're not gonna tolerate it, and we're going to be very protective of our sovereignty here. And so I can't tell you for certainty right now. Whether you're going, I can tell you what was said, and what makes sense, and that is they may be headed to California last question. You know, what's there in the United States in the United States? Right. And once they're here. They can migrate anywhere. Right. Your campaign is going really, well, you're a great governor. And and I don't think you're election. His is going to be. In jeopardy at all. How is how is Ted Cruz? How how is can Paxton? How is Dan Patrick? Well, listen, all these all these races are closer than what people realize, and because we we need to understand the liberals or socialist, whatever you wanna call them these days they've is their forces pulling out their vote early. And so is too hard to tell right now. And because they are so close I am going across the entire state of Texas campaigning. Every single day in multiple cities to help Republicans up and down the ballot to make sure that we are going to have policies that are intact. Mystic to open borders to make sure we have policies that cut your taxes that cut your regulations that improve our schools, and so is very important. The people turn out they vote. Your listeners have a lot at stake in their own personal lives baseball. What's going to happen in this election and everybody is going gonna matter because the voter turnout is it skyrocket levels right now. And if you're listening, and you have voted you need to go vote. A because your pictures at stake. But today, for example, when we hang up I'm headed to Belton to go campaign for some people. They aren't going to be in Dallas county later on today. I'm gonna be in Denton county later on in the week. And then Tarrant county. Oh. Climates North Texas and south Texas, east, Texas, Texas to make sure that we win these elections from the top of the balance at the bottom of the ballot..

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