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For the NFL coaching market is starting to move the Packers went I coming to terms with titans offensive coordinator, Matt leflore yesterday and the other vacancies in the NFL are filling up with one newcomer and a guy who's been around a little as cliff Kingsbury reportedly gets a four year deal from the cardinals all the former cardinals coach Bruce Arians after a year out is reportedly coming back in to become the new head coach of the buccaneers Clemson and Alabama have met the last four years in the playoff and split the four meetings, but the Tigers now have the titles at the head with last night's win four straight years of this matchup wasn't enough dabbled Sweeney told Nick Sabin after the final gun last night. He's counting on a fifth. He was very gracious after the game and just told I said see you next year. I don't think they're going to go anywhere. They'll be back in the NBA tonight. The nuggets hold a one game lead over the warriors of the top spot in the west there in Miami. After seeing their five game winning streak end in Houston last night, while the warriors will host the Knicks were wrapping up a one in five road trip that has spanned thirteen days. The timber wolves are looking to get back to the playoffs. And perhaps the recent coaching change will spark them Ryan Saunders makes his debut tonight. When the wolves take on the thunder in Oklahoma City. College actually, eighth ranked Texas Tech host number twenty three Oklahoma. The red raiders have won their first two big twelve games by a total of nine points and are currently tops in the league. In defense. Twelfth ranked North Carolina will take on number fifteen North Carolina State in Raleigh in a battle for a state bragging rights and also top rank Duke goes for eighth straight at Wake Forest dumber. Chocolate. Good college games. Tennessee, Missouri, Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Plus Golden State in the next all tonight. Tanny sat.

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