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Too. Often we've in the country we thought of jobs as an income stream and there is now so much evidence that they are beyond that a source of identity, a source of purpose and meaning. To in many cases, social life to in many cases absolutely absolutely and they knit people into a community on and you know now you know then eleven million people lost their jobs since since February eleven million. and. We can't even come up with a you know a bipartisan. Rescue. To support them since the end of July. European countries did a very good job in trying to en- basically paying employers to keep people on the job, and that meant that unemployment didn't go sky high and people didn't self. Medicaid and of course, in countries outside the US they when they even if they do lose their job, they don't lose their health insurance as they do in the US in the US you know a million people because they lost their jobs also lost their health insurance in the middle of a plague and the. Democrats floated the idea of opening having an open enrollment period for the affordable care act for all those people who lost their health coverage with their jobs and the trump administration said no and not only that they're still going to court on November eleven to the Supreme Court to overturn what's left of it to take it away from the rest of us. Again, I mentioned to you I'm a lung cancer survivor. Hello I'm self employed. I Work Outta, my home studio I do this radio show. Without the affordable care act I'm I don't have insurance I. Don't have health insurance I'm wondering Nick Kristof with.

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