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She was the looks during that restaurant scene where she just not the apps are not on the table yet. And he's asking for pre-nup. She is. Like that was delightful. She was decidedly on impressed with. It was just like a. Okay. Was on a reality show. It's a lot to take it. And borsch is really like doing kind of what's I keep getting all the names are abandoned pump Sheena. She knew Sheena shea is has that level of desperation. Yes. Yes. But on she and I love watching. On. She knows more fun because I already think everyone Vander pump is awful. And I go in delighting in watching these terrible be terrible to win another. I like Porsche. So I don't like, and I'm like seeing her putting herself a yes, I don't like such a beautiful woman and fun and seems like fun of around lose her mind for a baby and marriage when she's been married already. But it's it's a little sad. And I feel bad because I know candy is going to try and destroy that relationship and she's trying hard, and that's how candies getting back. She's acting like we've moved on. Yeah. And it's like candy. I get why you're mad at Porsche. But I think the misunderstanding. There was Porsche thought. Everybody was having a work fight when Fayed Jura and candy. We're having a real life fighting and fajor Porsche to. Partake in this work fight. That was really a real life fighting clearly Porsche was like the kind of Patsy and this. I don't think she was quite Patsy. I think she knew what was going on. But I think she genuinely thought it wasn't that serious because there was a work, but I didn't housewives lands. We have seen people come back from writings the unimaginable leg for carrying leeann lock into comeback. After someone says you saw her husband get dick sucked at the roundup like half. And now, they're like laughing like old friends we have to forgive and forget on how size. The only one that to me like. Gotten candies. Like, it wasn't a work fight. It was a personal fight. And you it embedded fajor. And I couldn't get you off. Hey show, but I could get fajor off. So as long as you hear I was every opportunity to make your life miserable. The problem is candy because she's so level headed looks awesome. Being such a vengeful person, you almost get away with more being crazy on your sort of rewarded, but do we like the hotdog king? Like, I think that any personnel thing. I'm the the fact that he is getting tattoos of women's faces on his that as. Hayes. Mary alarming. Bush is like I may have seen them. I I don't know. She's like. I've seen it. I'm not going to get in their way with him. Not gonna ask ques-. She is not going to ask AC on again propose to buy a man with a rushing her breasts over backs the faces of women gone by. I mean, and the Rolexes. It's. I don't know the feels so like two thousand and one like a rapper's first gift to his baby mom, you know, what I mean like. Like a Rolodex. I signed a deal when my Vance money. I got a house and a Rolex. That's what it feels. Why advanced money is is key. It's like the first gotten and you learned about this. This is the way this is the way why are you doing and it doesn't help good? He looks like Germain Duprey if you stressed out like he looks like he's like, touchy. Edgy shrunken version. Okay. Before we move on from Atlanta, guys. This has been a shocking find on Instagram and a lot of people sent the semi, but Nina something has happened between Greg Anini and Ninian Porsche. And she has taken to the boards in a way that is like nothing I've ever seen. So in terms of her in portion, she posts a photo of them what she's cutoff Porsche halfway. I really appreciate. But he needs looking great. She basically says when you a ride or die chick. Hey, Lil SIS. Oh, wait. No. Maybe this was. Oh, yeah. She's hey little SIS. Yeah. Okay. Then throws big cysts under the bus. What the fuck? And then she does the arms that are like what can you do emoji? Hashtag loyalty, hashtag don't bite. The hand that beads you. I'm out peace. Sign emoji. Hashtag be loyal to somebody. Now, Porsche has liked this post. That's a that's a power movement and Bushehr, right?.

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