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Is Chicago's very own 7 20 WGN or download the WGN radio app and stream us live. WGN radio news is on the air. Good morning. I'm James Sears at two 30. Climate's impact on our national parks. The Sox won in San Francisco 13 to four, the cubs lost to Boston forth to two Chicago fire lost at San Jose two to one. WGN traffic on the Kennedy it is closed inbound between Jackson and the burn interchange due to an accident we have solid traffic from Randolph, also on the Eisenhower, it too is closed due to an accident outbound a California. We have solid traffic there from Damon. Just in time for the July 4th weekend officials at Yellowstone reopened its northern loop after historic flooding last month. News nations Ryan bass reports rising temperatures related to climate change could reach nearly all 423 national parks. Extreme heat has been hitting Joshua tree national park in California, where the average annual temperature has increased by 3°F over the last century, leading to more wildfires and a dip in certain species population. You have 70 national park has been closed to visitors several times in recent years because of deadly wildfires, or dangerous air quality from smoke. And in Florida, the Everglades is under attack from rising water levels, which has hurt the critical coastal mangroves. The government has allotted some $3 billion in recent years for our national parks. The last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from World War II will lie in honor at the U.S. capitol. Herschel woody Williams died in his native West Virginia last Wednesday at age 98. House speaker Pelosi and Senate majority leader Schumer said in a statement yesterday, woody Williams was an American hero who embodied the best of our country and the greatest generation, a date and other details will be announced later. Stranger Things continues to turn records upside down. The hit Netflix series became the first show ever to amass more than 6 billion minutes streamed in a single week. Nielsen reports, viewers watch 7.2 billion minutes of Stranger

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