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But with magneto. No, it's World War Two. That's true. And that's something. That's on the comes up in our questions. A lot sort of what's going to happen to Magna is a character. When it doesn't make sense for there to be when the holocaust has has has fallen out of living memory. Yeah. I honestly don't know. I mean, I just don't think you could have to be magneto without having survived Auschwitz. Yeah. I don't think there have been the have absolutely unquestionably been horrible genocide since then I say if there's anything other than a horrible genocide like you can have a moderate afternoon, tea, genocide or something. But no that but, but none I think that have that that affectively stand in can can stand in narrative for that. And yeah, that's something something that that that. I think about a lot in terms of characterization of magneto in the comics, and sort of what that's gonna mean in the next in the coming years, well before we dive back into heavy historical shit, which were totally going to because that's really relevant to this issue. I want to step back and point out that magnesia fischel name at this point. According to Gabrielle Haller is Eric Magnus lender. Magnus his official middle name like guy named auto Octavius with eight limbs. What are the odds? It's perfect. Of course, magneto the master of magnetism has Magnus as his literal middle name because like animal logical destiny is totally thing in the marvel universe. I mean, we're talking about a universe where the vanish are man who teleport's has the given name of Telford porter. I'd forgotten that, and that's my new favorite thing. It's s- quite thing. It's this. This is what I believe Mark Wade's daredevil run named the Victor von doom paradox. Basically that also apparently the last name ledger is German fourth futile, Lord, which the okay, that's a choice. But anyway, the other big thing we learn about Mekki does backstory which again will be read Kanda way. But for right now is the thing is that magneto is not Jewish. He is Ramadi specifically Sinti Romani. So I didn't read the addition of this into reminding background as a racing his Jewishness, which apparently it was supposed to do. Yes. I haven't been able to find any hard facts on this. But it is generally understood that the decision to make magneto Ramani rather than Jewish because of course, both groups were targeted in the holocaust was because aditorial didn't want to have a villain be Jewish. I guess it was fine to have a villain be a Ramani. Instead. But I mean, we're talking about narrow when Peter David was one of the signature writers. So will there is that? But also like this is again, these aren't things that I see as mutually exclusive. I have friends who are of mixed Romani Jewish heritage. And I mean, we both come from from mixed background families. And again, the idea that it's either or one in the or one or the other seems really strange to meet, and it also seems doubly strange that. That's what readers were expected to extrapolate here. Yeah. I really wish we could get some hard facts on just what the hell did deal with that was. But for the moment Magna is apparently Ramani and not Jewish. Now in x men volume two number seventy two that's where we learned that the whole lender and Ramani thing that was part of a cover story and then in the superlative magneto testament mini series by Greg pock. That's where we learned that no magneto definitely grew up Jewish and his name is in fact, max eisenhart and canonical that's where we are still today. So after magneto hometown of Dan's egg. No, not that dancing. We're talking about sad things. Don't be silly was annexed by the Nazis megadose family was sent to offer fits his family die. But that's where he met Magda. And when the camps were liberated in nineteen forty five he married her. But as we've already heard before when arsonists killed their daughter Anya and Magna used his magnetic powers to kill them Magda ran away. And that's the point. We're Megido went to Israel to help holocaust survivors lake Gabrielle Heller, which was also where he met Charles Xavier. So in Gabrielle's words. Was magneto at demagogue or an ideologue with radical madman placing himself above the rights of humanity or righteous sell it fighting for a noble cause equality for mutants can any one of us truly answer such a question..

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