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Ray Ferraro, getting ready for game two of the week on ESPN and Philadelphia. And you know, we've got a lot going on this week, ray, and when we're doing two podcasts as we are per week this year, we got a chop top. Let's get going, right? No fooling around. This is all on you. If it's organized, it's you, if it's not, it's probably going to be that I've screwed it up. Well, look, normally we do the preamble. We talk about how things have gone and all of that off the top of the show and then we divert in the headlines, but we're going to maximize our efficiency here. We're going to right in the headlines, brought to you by Boston pizza, and I don't know, there's highlights, and there's low lights to this point of the regular season because there's only been a few games played this week. The Toronto Maple Leafs and going into the game in Montreal on sports center, I said, look, all the leafs have to do is keep this clean. A clean win. Keep the noise down a little minimum because you know that leafs nation is going to be ready to pounce. If Matt Murray is a bad game, if things just don't go well. Well, they didn't go well. They turned the puck over, which was unsettling for Matt Murray and just as unsettling for Toronto's defense. And ray, I mean, I remember talking about this in setting up the regular season. You saying, look, like Toronto, I just wonder about that defense and game one, you know, the ugly already appeared. Yeah, so I view teams differently all the time because of where they are. So for example, I don't know where the flyers are going to score goals, but I don't have any historical reference because some of their young guys might score goals. I think it's going to be a problem, but still they're young and you've got to build some leeway into that. We've seen this defense. It's the same 6 guys. Maybe in different roles or spots and spurts. But I just wonder if it's going to be strong enough for them. And last night it wasn't. And so while it is game one and Walmart Murray got beat three times over the glove, which is, you know, it's a thing. Something to keep when I say it's a thing. You got to keep an eye on it. Is that what becomes the norm? The fact that they lost the game. Look, they're going to lose 25 games this year. And each one's going to be a catastrophe. To start the block out of the blocks like that, sloppy, and that seemed to really strike a burr with Sheldon keefe. And he doubled down again today being Thursday. So you can tell that his patients is paper thin for any lack of effort, lack of compete, mental mistakes. That's pressure, too. You darn right. There's no way he can't feel it. And they've had really excellent regular seasons chopped up as the first one or two was, but they feel the pressure. Of course they do. And now they get Washington that comes in in Washington loses to Boston and I don't know how long dawn Sweeney should

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