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The amazing thing to me was Gabrielle Jesus was the hero injured. He begat Eddie and ketcha. Lost this form, begat Leandro trossard, begat Reese Nelson, on this day in almost biblical lineage of arsenal goal scorers and in that moment, all we saw everywhere just the purest joy, the purest innocence footballers are heavily paid, massively their cynical, their professionals, but all of that in this moment, just the masks completely dropped. They were just reeling around, eyes full of wonder in unison with the arsenal faithful. At Charles watts tweeted, the more you look at the still picture of the goal the more you see, Gabrielle clapped over, odegaard flat on his back on the floor, Ben white trolling cherries keep a net out, celebrating in his face, georginio, charging on saliba going somewhere, Nelson, honestly, is the calmest of everyone, this Bournemouth surrender cobra is absolutely everywhere. A goal deep in what's called Fergie time Sir Alex Ferguson united as title winners would always find a way, never stop believing. Never stop going, never stop winning, can't stop, won't stop. David will ask the football club. Chasing that first title in 19 years. Just last second moment. I mean, I watched it. The collective memory that the fans, the players, forged in that moment. Can you name a movie? Name a movie that was better at the end than that because to be honest, my favorite movies are all they're all Holocaust one, so happy ending is not really my thing. But sportsman agrees. I mean, nearly every nearly every Hollywood movie ever made ends like that, roger. It was a wonderful moment. What made it so good is that it wasn't just pure happiness. It wasn't just pure joy. It was heavier than that. It was, it was a release of pressure. It spoke to the amount of pressure that they all feel under the amount of pressure that Arteta is putting on himself that he's putting on his club. It was a release of something phenomenal and deep and terrifying to them to be caught. And the moment that they escaped after that early goal, they escaped after going to kneel down, they escaped after, you know, as you said, every block, every shot going wide, everything not quite going their way as they tried to get in the game. That's what made it so good. But Arsenal fans just loving life at the moment, particularly there's a joke going around that the three last minute stoppage time winners that they've savored. This season all came off academy graduates, Rhys Nelson. Eddie and ketchup and the back of ME Martinez's head. God bless you ask the by the way from an Everton fan. What a game. The goal after 9 seconds, that's what's amazing about this epic game. That Bournemouth goal, a complete misdirection in narrative by the Premier League script writers will be totally forgotten. All we know is gunners, chiefs, Brendan Fraser, come back season, is upon us all. And I want to end this game by reading a Raven we got from GF OP, Paul Mellon, who wrote after the final whistle. He said football really saved me today, massive storms in Louisville, all of Kentucky had been power cut hundreds of thousands suffering, including mine, for well over 24 hours now, but Reese Nelson's goal made me forget about everything was one of a small few things to put a smile on my face. I love what you do. Keep on fighting the good fight. I'll just say, God, bless you, Paul. To you, and your family, big love to all of you in Kentucky and Arsenal fans. Just make meaning, make memories magnificent watching what your team are doing for you right now. Okay, roger Manchester City two Newcastle nailed the global order game of the week as Abu Dhabi owned Manchester City sea off the Saudi backed tune in what was a relatively routine win Phil Foden started the scoring leaving the type of streak between Newcastle defenders that is normally only reserved for his haircuts before steering one past Nick Pope and then in the second half, just two minutes after coming on as a sub, diminutive Portuguese indie rocker Bernardo Silva hit a quick catch and release to make it to and so pep keeps his hot perpetually agitated Iberian breath on the neck of his nephew, Mikel Arteta. That great English footballing centuries long tradition, the gulf Derby. Two clubs who hope that they will tear it opponents with the ferocity and tactical savvy that their teams of lawyers fight charge after charge in the courtroom get stuck in lord panic. Miguel Delaney, the independent journalist tweeted exciting game ahead, a one state owned club has been charged with multiple alleged breaches of Premier League rules. The other has just seen their owners contradict their legally binding assurances in a U.S. court, what a moment and yes, we have to mention Newcastle entered with the aftertaste of carabao cup defeat in their mouths and the looming threat caused by a case in the United States surrounding Liv gulf, legal filings, described a Newcastle chairman yassir Al ramien as quote a sitting minister of the Saudi government. What David piff was an instrument of the Saudi state after all. I don't believe it. Among the shocked. I mean, it seems we were assured at the time it took over. They were assurances, maybe aren't true, Devo. Ever to know. Yeah, assurance may not translate in Arabic in the same way as we understand it. But yeah, it's just tough. Yeah, it's difficult. I mean, this is what the Premier League has created. And this is what the Premier League is allowed to happen. I just really don't know what more can we say about it is becoming comical, absolutely comical. And of course, all of these findings that we're getting in this live golf case are fascinating reading. God, it's all I'll wait for. The Premier League teams who are not single state owned are said to be utterly livid, the matter will now be discussed at a shareholders meeting of the Premier League march 30th, Premier League in Newcastle, yet to make a comment, but the league's chief executive, Richard masters told the BBC back in November 22 21 that if his organization found evidence, there were state involvement in the running of Newcastle, quote we can remove the consortium as owners of the club. I asked you to be clear, can not imagine that ever happening, but the club's brand is about to take on really a real true darkness. But to the football and city, desperate to keep arsenal's heels at least in sight as they headed towards the horizon. Needed this Newcastle, even more desperate to find their forward gear spurs Liverpool in that mud fight for fourth place. They unleash the gimp, Anthony Gordon made his full debut for some Ginger mano mano with KDB and it didn't work 15 minutes city cruising to lead incredible feat from Foden and picked up the ball at the edge of the area charged through one two three four Newcastle defenders clipped at home with a heavy deflection off Batman four and three for peps first son and his best day though and he seems to be getting back there dudes like a human hand grenade. Yeah, I mean he is explosive. He has, he has the muscle reflexes, the insane muscle speed of something from wildlife, rod. You know, it's why fleas can jump so far and it's why leopards can spring so easily. And sometimes Foden is not human in terms of his explosiveness.

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