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This morning here is Georgia racing will resume in Britain on Wednesday following a six-day shut down because of Queen flayed the British horseracing. Authorities say the sport will get back underway with strict by security controls in place. Six yard in Cheshire and a further four to stave. Their new markets have been diagnosed with the virus, which officials have decided Wednesday Shechem Mason's muscle. Trump's subtle and Kempson can now go ahead. Council manager. Ralph Benita says they can't be happy with a points at wolves. After coming so close to winning beside considered a ninety five minutes equaliser to draw one all in the Premier League last night. Then he says, tell Sky Sports News. They haven't had much luck against their season against them. Penalty. Get into us. And then we lost in the NFL today. We will win. Manchester United face a big test. If they're unbeaten star on the cats. They kept us all you're going to sell shell tonight's take on Paris, Sanjay man, assault trapped in the first leg of their Champions League. Last sixteen clash between two sides. With promotion hopes is the pick of tonight's games in the championship. West Brom can go third with the way knife in forest here in the hunts for firefly's Celtic will continue their Scottish Cup defense with a trip to hear Bernie in the quarter-finals Brian just face a potential visit to rivals Abidine if they can get past monarch in their replay Ross county or inventory true. Civil last night's will be away at Dundee United against hearts can place the draw for the last eight to wrap up a consolation winner the third and final testify series with the West Indies today. I'll start with an ultimate day on three hundred twenty five bowl in their second innings four hundred and forty eight runs ahead of the hosts instantly. Thank you very much for that. Tara. Let's get you a bit of a snapshot, Dan. What's still ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Europe? We're gonna get into a conversation around congressional negotiators. They say they have reached a tentative deal to try and avoid and under US shutdown more on the potential Bora solution next relief.

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