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Over statues. Thie US leads the world in Corona virus cases and deaths and the numbers are increasing. Florida confirmed Over 11,400 new cases Saturday on Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gilbert says hospitalizations have doubled in the last 14 days, intensive care and that's also double and even we have 158 people on ventilators right now, and I think to two weeks ago 64 So you know all these things that they talk about lagging are Gilbert says Corona virus Vachss into the community two weeks before you can see it on the fourth President, Trump said. The radical left anarchists and agitators air trying to tear down our statues any race history, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told CBS's Face the Nation that Confederate monuments glorify UN American values. We're not trying to of a race history. But we are trying to take the power of placing the statues in public spaces away and place them where they can be told where the history can be home and placed in his context. Trump proposed a garden of American heroes that would feature statues of prominent people in the nation's history such as Billy Graham and Justice Antonin Scalia. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, the late justice, his son told Fox News Sunday. He likes the idea. No other nation could claim such an inspiring founding so many great forebears, and I certainly was touched here. My father included on that kind of list. The multistate Atlantic Coast pipeline is being cancelled because of delays and questions about its ultimate cost. Landowners and environmental activists had vigorously opposed the project, which would have crossed West Virginia and Virginia.

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