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The first people who were in the area now known as britain right yeah so people's particle to roll to come the european population of huntergatherers and we knew already that these people had a dark skin and eyes and uh what we found out that cheddar man north that's the brits at that time we're actually part of this larger european population so they they really were europeans and uh had the look of europeans off the time so they depopulated europe and britain as we know now and now no after the last ice age and so we'll just like he is that these people and modern me lethem this have some kind of common and sisters that uh off the ice we tweets and uh repopulate it uh western europe and we should point out he's called saturnin because he comes from an area cutting the place contender gorge and not necessary because he's he a cheese eater but what else what what was previously thought about cheddar now what was the previous assumptions about in that this now completely changes your show there has to be herb prior were because construction chronic spectrum and and i think people initially big no way at all with what kind of a human you all he there was talk of you may have been our kyw could not even live there then pumping modern human but without the the actual dna work there was no real way to get to the level of detail so the best guess the people previously had is he he lived in britain so he may look like people in britain today and it's only really with the advent of dna technology was the incredible advances that have been made in in ancient dna research in the last five ten years that it's not possible to look at these eight genomes that old has been depicted as a uh.

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