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In fact it on wednesday the afternoon high fifty nine the overnight low 55 showers on thursday with a high near seventy and that's your forecast on intelligent conservative talk nine seventy am the answer less than two weeks after an alltime high the stock market experienced its largest singleday drop in history how does that affect you visit heavy worried and feeling nervous lieutenant of this week's fast rector retirement with joe casey this saturday at eleven to find out what market volatility could being for your retirement in volatile times the fast track to retirement can help keep your retirement plan ontrack join us saturday at eleven on nine seventy am the answer ladies and gentlemen start your engines and save with a car loan from class act federal credit union with flexible terms and rates as low as one point nine nine percent it's no wonder the class act is miles ahead of the competition you could even win a tale the price package including four tickets to the kentucky speedway's quaker state four hundred race the class actor apply online a class act out award class act federal credit union it's like straight as for your money from wednesday noorani precredit his colorado paying by electric offer expires may 31st you got meeting prior to your join me tomorrow morning at six a nine seventy am the answer by god talk radio verizon michael medved show all the michael medved show talking about pornography and what to do about it and its impact on a on a general trend that i think most people would consider disturbing then that people are actually engaged in less sexuality in this highly sexual eyes world in other words may be thinking about sex more may be visualizing sex more in a particularly irresponsible and degraded and lonely way but involved in less real intimacy which may be is something worth addressing as we come up two valentine's day meanwhile i i want to make it clear.

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