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App faster than a speeding bullet paul callan locomotives all too late the lead saw building with a single bow at present to you ladies and gentleman the attorney general of the state of learn if you will undertake if if paul bed they'll tell me that it could be done easily productively and responsibly by congress yet the will undertake did if they don't somebody's got to stand up somebody has to do it and lays gentleman that somebody is him that just him but eighteen eighteen other states attorney general's with capes flag to the rescue of the daca children deferred action for childhood arrivals yes maryland has now joined the fray to battle the evil lex luther i think we have excellent attracts up he will be responsible for the president sam pulling the plug on this excellent gave it a sixmonth delay or not i mean we're talking about people's lives here i think it's appropriate to to push forward congress but i think it's incumbent upon myself and the general of other state to stand up and say we're going to protect you get round could have been somebody back to cambodia mexico that was maryland attorney general brian frost in the last hour and what i'm saying in essence with the whole super bad backdrop to this no much your phone calls four zero four six seven wbal four one zero four six seven w b area there is this narrative being of waived here but between always attorney generals who have filed these two different lawsuits four in reference to the lawsuit that has joined two with minnesota main and telephone and then the other fifteen less we that somehow these lawsuits i'm going to save the day for these dako young people who came to this country with no totally with their parents with no thought of their own for being here illegally they were forced into this now the evil trump administration is going to be deported these poor children by the way narrow adults there most of them are average ages twenty five anyway.

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