Seven Percent, Ten Percent discussed on The Passive Income Report


That's really cool and as far as marketing you must have spent a bunch of money on advertising actually not too bad you know my acoss average cost to sale is at below ten percent round six or seven percent so you're talking twenty five hundred bucks actually i would say a little less than that that's really impressive and what would you say was the best part of the course hey it's matthew here and i hope you're enjoying this interview if it anytime you'd like to learn more make sure that you go ahead and download the free video report that will actually break down this entire process from a to z you can get it by visiting am secrets dot net that's a m secrets dot net going download the free video report right now if you'd like to learn more i would say the best thing is man it's actually hard to pick so i really like the way that you have videos and things available rear having conversation taking questions from other people were doing what i'm doing and then on top of that you also give pdf and kind of bite sized lessons bullet point style lessons that let me get straight to the point when i don't really need the elaboration both of those together or just crucial thing like update after you continually go over sickness and every time you guys do a sickly do the different take different questions it was very good for me to hear you guys update your thoughts on what you learned also having the old ones and just the whole lot content that was crucial to me in in quite frankly you're prioritizing facts and your experience in that was just very valuable to me.

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