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Let's see here gas okay got it here's what the says many it says ancient homo sapiens came into contact with neanderthals starting about two hundred and seventy thousand years ago and interpret red with them wait a minute your our and ancient romasn amien dan had families with meat and booed mindy this book explains it at one time there were at least three other humanlike species in addition to ours roaming the earth all at the same time in the manner tolls were one of them don't word that he and her talk will this book says that they will another homonyn or humanlike species that lived on earth and they looked a little different from us homo sapiens pick this out it's a drawing of a new andrew tall in the book it looks swoop carried the really big and from what i have read her top bones have been found in parts of europe and the middle east and they died out as a species about 30 or 40 thousand years ago will do me a while guel scientists don't exactly know why but we do know that they were at least two other types of human species can lived on earth and the same time as we homo sapiens did but scientists also don't exactly know why those other species winning existing well here's what i'm puree of the value if all of us humanlike feces have our origins in our roots in africa and short at least.

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