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I can see them really relishing the occasion our traffic. Even that will be empty and making a very quick star. And if socials men aren't prepared they could get their noses in front whether they can hang on. I'm not quite sure. But they are the the great entertainers under this season. Leeds united going to have to ready in knuckle down right from the off in this game. Yeah definitely really looking forward to the tool of sunday's gains without certainly looks at one of the best ones. Seven fifteen on sunday west brom taking on aston villa. I think we've already mentioned it. But i won't be slaving village in charge of west brom for this game. It will be returning sam. Allardyce back to the premier league. And was that i fancied in terms of slaven bilic being the first to be sacked. He was certainly one of the shorter. Prices and ali personally was a bit shocked. I think it was a as we said already are tata's under serious pressure chris. Wilder denied will be another one. That was maybe expected to go ahead of bush. Yeah i mean that especially after the draw against man city slightly unexpected. So he's he the first to go on. I think tata's now i'll need to check the prices but i think our data might be the new. So yeah yeah. that's that was. The strange thing wasn't the timing. I mean you know a great point at manchester city. They haven't been terrible disease westbrook. I've got seven points on the board and he's gone. Yeah i i think. The decision was made before city and They expect to lose against muncie in. They probably didn't wanna put the manager up having lost their first game so he was calling the land to the fluids in that regard olympic conflicted about this Seconds villages at great a manager so from that point of view a lot. They've got a chance of staying now. They've got some rule of these folks fingers. Better the village so it was brown chance of staying up now. But i don't think that should have been sites really because he wasn't given them particularly enticing. Algae and. I don't think he could have done that much more this season. They've been in a lot of games. They were unlucky against tottenham. Controversial decision was old trafford. That may be costume. So i feel like a bit harsh or village. I can't understand why donald You know what you're gonna get from from psalm. Alad i've seen and the worst defense in the league will. They certainly did have guidance. The mid week round the gains and It will be the first thing he does. I guess my my worry. Mark and unsanitised probably will do a job here and he and he mike keep them out but it seems if when cubs at west brom and expected to stay in the premier league they get there and they they don't start to well then they chopped to another manager than they might keep them and then they chop again and it just seems very reactionary very short time and and no cops seemed to build for the future and and and identity anymore of west west brom The signings date might this in terms of like you know was it calling on. Congress is now kfi Mean probably tole painting. efl playoff supposed. But i mean always going to be difficult to get him as you'll leading striker to stay up and they didn't really seem to have a plan on on what they were going to bro in ivanovich show probably because of east connection with belichick. Not that there wasn't an doesn't pay to be of a grand plan around west brom. Do like the midfield of the golden from Chelsea collar golfing more of might a good career from celtic in the premier league. But not that there isn't a grand plan. A toll of westborough doesn't pay. Its banner stranger on chris. You kind of the final. Which way do you see this game going. Difficult isn't it In some of which way is going to go cause asked him. Biller done that. Their best work away from home. I've made this season They've been pretty impressive road but this sam allardyce his team now. He's going to take training for the first time on on thursday. So he's going to have a bit of time to work with his new players and he doesn't tend to get beaten on his first match is in charge of his new sides and could see ended up being a drawer in this one. I think that the grand plan for now is just to keep west brom in the league is nearly all sorts of reports suggest in the west. Brom's is want to sell the club and wants a you know. They'll they'll get much better price if they do. So as a premier league outfit so that will be the ambition and and allardyce will try and shore up that defense which has been exceedingly leaky. Hasn't it so far. And i could see them. Frustration villa in this could be a maybe even goalless draw but you could see them taking something from this match at the. Very least yeah. Depending on the results a win could lift west brom out of the renovation places. Two games on monday to get through and of course the naps stay with us..

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