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You're welcome, Kitty. And it's 5 20. By the way, we will be carrying that speech. Live here at six o'clock Now we've got your kpk traffic and weather together We begin with Dana has alright see a waiter to the end there. That's okay. I'm a trained professional. Yes. You sure are brought you by. Choose change, CIA Don Argh! Right now! Kitty downtown to the splint. Where we start and not much shaking. There is gonna be a 10 minute, right? Really? Not all that bad. Most of it spent in the Midtown area. Split the Roseville eight minutes downtown. L Grobe on I 5 11 minutes and just a little bit longer. 12 on 99 kind of an interesting could be going out to Folsom 21 minutes on eastbound 50 downtown Woodland Northman I five again. That's where you run into big problems. They slow down there now begins. Let's see around. I'm not quite 80 year little after that it starts slowing. This is because They crashed earlier turned out to be effect Fatal on Elvir to their North found 99. So once you get to display it, if you're going on, died five, then you'll be out of that otherwise damn tend to Davis west about 80 is nine minutes also had a call. There's heavy traffic westbound 82 clipper gap, and apparently they doing some blood, your road work there, But apparently I'm looking at now, and they have opened up the lanes that they had. Shut down earlier in our lives are filled with choices. What's not a choice addiction to opioids. But even with opioid use disorder, you still have a choice. Choose treatment and choose change. California I'd medically proven treatment options that choose change CIA dot org's and if we're not seeing what you're seeing, call a bonny leading the way home Traffic tip line dial pound to 50 say traffic Dana has from the Cap trust Traffic Center news 93.1 kfbk. Thank you, Dana. Now we check your kfbk forecast tonight. We'll see Clear skies Expect a low tonight 49 to 53 mostly sunny skies on town For tomorrow it'll be very.

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