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They have always liked and i'm talking about russians and ukrainians have always liked the people of the united states of the people here now they understand that this entire civil war was caused by created that was completely armed back financed directed by the the us state department victorian newland hillary clinton barack obama i mean they understand that so and they don't appreciate it you know what i mean when people talk about russia's meddling in the judas and sixteen presidential election in the states because somebody bought three thousand ads on facebook imagine the difference as if they had basically depots the president you know i mean and it's very important for people to realize about the my dime is it you know everybody says that oh you can convince with such a brutal dictator the riot police in kiev during my don were on armed they did not have firearms and you know you can imagine i mean when you see those videos of you know do you know within the cops with chains or throwing molotov cocktails hidden up a group of policemen you can imagine what would happen if somebody did that in new york city or in texas or anywhere in the united states you know do you know the guys would come out and they wouldn't stop shooting until they ran out of bullets but the constant kiev during my don were did not have firearms they had shields and had the billy clubs otto now i've take one more break here but i do want to ask you before we before we go i know you're banned from twitter right right now but are you also are you one of the people that have been sanctioned by the us government as an individual as well as any prohibition on you coming back to the united states if you wanted to know can lugansk people's republics are not listed as terrorist organizations.

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