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That's the truth of the matter is the market will bear out of you see a bunch of kids wearing like ten, you know, Christian pulisic jersey, then you're going to buy, but he that US soccer, should you know, not to put pressure on him, but they should build through him. He was saying that he was saying that there are all these weird rules like the ages between sixteen and eighteen says for soccer players are why like the most important years developmentally here. They're just tear in here. They just fuck you with what you would be agency. You're allowed to have just Europe totally has that figured out. And he's like until we have that people aren't people are always just gonna leave here. So we got Wayne Rooney came over when Wayne Rooney one of the most like conic layers in England his famously drunk, they managed to talk this red face had, no hair. Then got hair transplant had the did the like Brian Urlacher. I have hair now, suddenly and the thing about him, which is so funny for us was Is that. that when we first first getting into listening to English Premier League soccer on the on Sirius radio on the radio. There was a classic call Elaine, Rooney find the call Rooney, and it just the guy said two things you never hear the scored a goal. He's just like running in the area. Does he say twice? For any. He just has Rooney in the area Rooney. All right that for us is a fantastic. But but like these guys come over. And I think people he's a famous drunk in that as far as that's concerned. But like in England, he's just another guy at the pump. I know. Sitcoms here. You know, you can walk home from the pub. Yeah, you know, what? I mean, you can there is a pub on every corner like their their public houses in the neighborhood areas. I've been there so like his so, but here, it's a very different thing. And so he was charged with a misdemeanor incident after at a Washington area airport. How fun to listen to the airport. He has some Drake's men like we always joked at LAX in like terminal four there's a bar called home turf. And we're like whose home turf is coming to the airport buying a plane ticket. So they can watch the game here at you know, what? What is sadly, I think it's getting drunk. Yeah. And that's really sad. So Mr. Rooney had triggered ready what he did at Dulles airport since he had triggered a door lar-, but did not breach airport security. That's how drunk he is. He's now triggering door. Unreal. He was charged with public types Tate toxication transport to London county detention center to be held held until he was sober. According to the court records, Rooney was released in his unrecovered since end paid a twenty five dollar fine. He should have paid more than that. I you know, we paid his transfer fee. Right. We should have paid his to get over there. It just loan to jail like you want these English players over here. But you have to understand how much they drink. Yeah. But I don't think you fully English drinking is just a different kind of it's on another. It's professional again. And I think what we need to do is get our kids in the eight sixteen to eighteen years how to How drink. to drink many laws here against those kids? Gee, this is what I'll say about this. You have to be vigilant when testing drugs, you know, athletes for drugs, which just have to. Although like, I'm a huge proponent of THC CD us instead of Viking. So I'm like lose the opioids, and let's turn it into. You can take pills for me. It's like it looked like a Viking input. We'll make we'll put a on it just so you can feel good about it is just CBD. So just understand. You're not gonna be addicted to it the way you you want to in and actually might make you feel better and help your product pain in certain ways. But if you're an institution that tests for this time in fraction you have to test. Everyone case in point I will tell you right now as I hold this thing up ninety year old American cyclist to be stripped of title after failing drug tests nine year old American settlers has Tyler cyclists has been given a public warning for violating anti doping laws Carl grove claimed contaminated meat..

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