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St Charles it's forty three Edwardsville forty two in downtown at the George forty degrees hello my it's mark on movies all ex in Paul all with the common guy films it seems like forever how have you been Paul you know I didn't know I didn't Ryan good it doesn't matter but I saw from a tweet you put out earlier today you were you had an interesting friend stop by didn't you I have friends all over the place mascot friends non mascot friends that's how I normally categorize them I put that on at Ryan wrecker on Twitter what's your Twitter handle again calling guy movies comic guy movies at comic guy movies on Twitter so there's a couple of them that are coming out this weekend that you previewed yeah one is we get one from last week and why is the one from last weekend because they didn't show to mark or myself last week but I have a high paid money so you don't have to is that is that the man it's like a boy because you don't have to do now all right so what movie did you see for this weekend let's talk first about the call of the wild didn't story you're you're you're familiar with the story yeah in fact I got a quick story about that so I read a book when I was younger and it came up as a final jeopardy answer once I look like the smartest guy in the room because I knew the answer about it so I have read that but it's been probably twenty five years all you can go back and enjoy this I'll tell you what there's we've got a dog his name is blocked it's a big dog he's he's a really big dogs living a comfortable life in California with this judge owner that everybody in the town of the freedoms so the dog is to do everything until a dog thieves take some to the Alaskan wilderness than up to the Yukon territory seldom into a life as a sled dog the dog licenses not necessarily for everybody takes a little while to assimilate to alpha dog in his sled dog team that that may not go the way it can but really the story picks up when he meets Harrison Ford Harrison Ford plays John Thorton another person in the wild is not there for gold is most of the people in the area are he's there for solitude and to really find himself it's all about box the dog finding himself and John Dorton the man find himself in the wild ones out here stand for his performance in this one I'd like Kerrison forcing him is the kind of the the greedy old VAX you give the guy that you haven't seen a character like this from here may I mean usually the the hero and definitely the leading man here he's just a guy big beard out the middle of nowhere the CG of the dog in this movie and let's be honest this dog is in full CG in the beginning you look at it and you chuckle little because it reminds you of a video gamer it reminds you of something that's really bizarre in out there by mid movie I kind of assimilated myself with it and I let it go and I let myself go and and kind of enjoy the rest of the filament you know it's a great tale for the youngsters to take a look at and see about finding yourself whether your dog or whether you're John Thorton and the call is definitely there it it is not a great movie by any means but you could do a whole heck of a lot worse than going to see the call of the wild so we have a clip from the movie the cycle is in.

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